8 Hidden Gems of St. Louis
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8 Hidden Gems of St. Louis

More Than Just The Arch

8 Hidden Gems of St. Louis

Unfortunately St. Louis has lately been in the news for some not so stellar things. Ferguson and being named the #1 most dangerous city by the FBI to name a few. But speaking for myself and anyone else who is from St. Louis I can say that the city is more than that, and it's more than just the arch. Our city is one of the coolest places in the country. Here's why:

1. The Saint Louis Zoo.

Not as lame as you might think. This is no regular zoo. Besides having over 700 species on 90 acres this amazing home to 5,000 animals is completely free. And to make it even better, around the winter holidays the Zoo is decked in lights.

2. Gooey Butter Cake.

I wish I never had to explain the wonders of Gooey Butter Cake ever again. Everyone should have this delicious dessert, snack, and/or breakfast at least once (preferably at least 100) times in their life. Gooey Butter Cake is like a coffee cake but with an inch of filling on top that is purely butter and sugar and then dusted with powered sugar.

3. Fitz's Rootbeer.

The restaurant. While the famous bottled Fitz's rootbeer is sold across the country, St. Louis is the only place you can get it fresh. Fitz's the restaurant is located in downtown St. Louis and not only do they make the root beer on site but they serve the best root beer floats this world has ever seen.

4. The Fabulous Fox Theatre.

This theater lives up to its fabulous name. Home to plays, musicals, and other performing arts the Fox has hosted musicals such as Wicked, Cinderella, and this spring will be presenting the Sound of Music. With its $75,000 organ and famous ceiling the Fabulous Fox is an amazing performing arts center.

5. Toasted Raviolis.

I didn't realize how good my life was until I left St. Louis. I hit the second month of college and it hit, a craving for toasted raviolis but to my dismay, most people have no idea what that is. In 1947 a chef at the restaurant Angelo's (now known as Charlie Gitto's) dropped a pasta ravioli into the fryer, thus the birth of the delicious breaded, deep-fried ravioli.

6. Ted Drewes.

Ted Drewes is an ice cream shop located on Chippewa Street, part of Route 66, that is famous for its frozen custard. The custard is famous because its so thick that if you turn an open cup of it upside down, none of the ice cream will move. So it's basically heaven in custard form.

7. The Delmar Loop.

Named "One of the 10 Great Streets in America" for a reason, the Delmar Loop is a section of St. Louis that hosts specialty shops, musical venues, and fine dining. The Loop is home to Fitz's restaurant and the Pageant, a musical venue, and many more cultural attractions.

8. Ballpark Village.

A new district added onto Busch Stadium, home of the Cardinals, in 2014. The impressive complex is situated on the lot where the old Busch Stadium once stood and is now home to a museum, restaurant, bar, and more. Just another reason to love the St. Louis Cardinals.

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