There's An Election Coming Up And There's Really No Excuse To Be Uninformed
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There's An Election Coming Up And There's Really No Excuse To Be Uninformed

Even with a busy life, staying informed is pretty simple.

There's An Election Coming Up And There's Really No Excuse To Be Uninformed

Being a well-informed citizen and going to vote is very important. While some people believe this upcoming election is not as important because it is for local officials, that is not true at all! These candidates are fortunate and given the advantage of being local to the voters because it gives the voters a better chance to actually get actually get to know their candidates. We are very lucky to be able to have such a large impact on our government, and everyone should utilize every opportunity. Even with a busy life, staying informed is pretty simple and here are some tips to help!

Figure out where you stand

It is definitely important to consider issues going on and decide what you believe. That is generally what you will want to look for in candidates. If you go in blindly, you may be more easily influenced by bias.

Learn about the different positions and what each position does

It is important to know what you are voting for and what that position entails. Just researching a brief description will allow you to better understand the candidates and be more informed.

Google the candidates in your area

Knowing who you are able to vote for is the first step. Doing a brief Google search can give you some good general information about the candidates and what they have been involved in.

Visit the candidates' website

This is also a great way to learn more about the candidates. It usually is easy to navigate and find what they stand for, what experience they have, and what they intend to do if they win the election.

Follow the candidates on social media

If you already check social media regularly, this is just a part of your routine. It allows you to stay up to date with their views and what they are doing. However, do remember to be cautious of biased news articles.

Turn the local news on when you are getting ready in the morning or winding down at night

Even just having the news on in the background can help you stay informed!

Attend a "Meet the Candidates" event

If you have the time, this is a great way to really get to know the candidates and ask any questions about their campaign you may have.

Don't be influenced by your friends or family

It is easy to hear other people giving their opinions and want to agree so you fit in, but don't do that! No one knows who you truly vote for on the ballot, so if you are worried about being targeted by loved ones, you are more than welcome to keep your views to yourself.

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