8 Cristina Yang-Meredith Grey Quotes You And Your Person Relate To

Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey have been all of our best friend goals since day one. They taught us what it means to be someone’s “person.” For the biggest Grey’s fans, there is a constant battle between you and your person on who gets to be Cristina and who gets to be Meredith in your relationship. I mean, we would die to be either.

Here are 8 quotes Cristina and Meredith have said that you and your person can relate too a little to much:

1. “You are my person.”

The infamous line that started it all. "You are my person." is the classic Yang-Grey line that we all have used at least a couple hundred times in our life.

2. “If I murdered someone, shes the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the floor.”

She is your best friend, so that means any troubles she's in, you're in. You'd help her hide the body and you would do so without even questioning it.

3. “Are you plotting a murder, a nuclear attack? It's fine I'll get on board. Im sure you have a good reason.”

When your mom used to say, "If your best friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump off the bridge?" You probably replied with yes because any stupid idea of theirs is a stupid idea of yours too.

4. “Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. Hes very dreamy, but hes not the sun, you are.”

You're always there to remind your person that they will always better than that boy. No matter how Mcdreamy or Mcsteamy they may be, sometimes they need a wakeup call.

5. “You’re my sister. You’re my family. You’re all I’ve got.”

You and your person always say how you were sisters separated at birth. Their house is your house, and you probably know their garage code. Holidays aren't the same unless you spend them together because you are true family.

6. “You Should be here, we should be drunk.”

Parties aren't fun, unless your person is there. You will always know, no matter how lost your other friends may be, you will always have your person who will never leave your side. Chances are your night will end in a sleepover.

7. “We’re friends, real friends. And that means, no matter how long it takes when you finally do decide to look back, I’ll still be here."

No matter how far you drift, or how long you spend apart, when you are finally together again it's like you never separated in the first place.

8. “Ask anyone. We’re close.” “Yeah, Dr. Yang and my wife sometimes have sleepovers, in my bed, with me in it.”

And when one of you gets a significant other, they will have to date you too. You will third wheel on all their dates and it will be completely normal. You come as a package.

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