1. Free gym access.

Many college students laugh at the idea that they might actually go work out at the campus recreation center. I mean why work out when you can take a nap or binge watch Netflix? But, campus gyms are typically so nice and FREE, so take advantage of that beautiful gym and prevent that freshman 15.

2. Making your own schedule.

Most college students don't realize how lucky they are to make their own schedule. No class before noon, no Friday classes — the choice is yours.

3. Getting extremely cheap tickets to football games.

College students get free or very inexpensive tickets to all (or most) of the football games. Normal football fans don't get into an Alabama v. Auburn or LSU for only ten dollars.

4. Being able to live abroad for a semester without breaking the bank.

The world is literally ours...

5. Living in the same building or just down the street from all of your friends.

Whether it be in the same dorm, sorority or fraternity house, or in the same neighborhood, you and all of your friends live in couple mile radius from each other. Need me? I'll be there in 5. Literally.

6. Thanksgiving break. Christmas break. Spring break. Summer break.

Need I say more?

7. Being able to go to parties in the middle of the day and it being socially acceptable.

Oh, it isn't normal to go out at noon any day of the week? Weird..

8. Student discounts.

TopShop, ASOS, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, J. Crew, and Madewell are a few of MANY stores that offer student discounts. Just another reason to shop, right?

Enjoy your college years, because they might just be some of your best.