8 Things A College Girl Can't Live Without

College brings in so many new elements to a girl's daily life. From not being able to have an iron in your dorm, to having way less time to get ready and so many events scheduled you have to buy the biggest planner that they sell. But college girls can't live without these things–well, at least my friends and I can't. Maybe you can relate.

1. Dry shampoo.

It literally works miracles. Trust me when I say you will need to wash your hair but have only like 10 minutes to get ready in the morning or before you head out. And you would much rather spend that time on getting your face on fleek or shaving those legs real quick. Dry shampoo literally takes like three minutes max and is so, so great. Trust me. Your new best find is at Ulta, or sometimes I find it at TJ MAXX for like $5.

2. Rainboots.

That walk to class in the pouring rain really dampens your day (lol). But some rain boots will really make it not as bad. If you don't believe me, wait until it rains and you'll understand.

3. A good relationship with your local barista.

When you're running late to class but have to have your morning pick me up, it's good to see someone who will know your order and that if you're running, it means you need it in half the time.

4. Mexican food.

Chips and salsa should be its own food group. Seriously. It's kinda cheap and the service is super fast.

5. Fried Chicken Wednesday.

It's the best day of the week, hands down. The day everyone is eating in the dining hall because of it.

6 Portable charger.

For when your phone isn't going to make it throughout the day and you need a little back up juice to help get you through. These are super cheap and you can find them almost anywhere!

7. Go-to shoes.

A pair of shoes that are super comfy and you will probably wear every day. This is more in general but if you don't have a pair of these by now, you should get some!

8. Friends.

Make some friends! That seems like it doesn't need explaining, but these really will be the best days of your life and having friends there by your side is a necessity.

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