1. Kindness Being kind is one of the best things you can be in this world. It warms my soul when I see others being kind, and especially when I see people who are just simply kind beings.

2. Committed I can't be the only one who has encountered a person who can't seem to hold up their end of the bargain, right? I also can't be the only one who hasn't held up their end of the bargain...right? Well, regardless of which end you may fall on more, it is always great to keep the commitments you make, especially when others are counting on your word.

3. Attentive It is oh-so wonderful when it truly feels like someone cares about you. When they pay attention to the smallest details about you. For example, they know just how you like your coffee, and that you really crave tacos after a rough day.

4. Courageous Who doesn't have respect for the firemen who risk their lives by running into burning buildings? No one good, that's who. But anyway, being courageous doesn't have to be something as dramatic as putting out a fire. It can be standing up in front of your peers and giving a speech. It can be finally asking out that certain someone you have been crushing on for months. It is just a great trait to have, and build.

5. Adventurous Being adventurous is a great trait to have. Being adventurous is what made me decide to wear a navy blue shirt today instead of the regular black shirt I enjoy. Just kidding (not really). Being adventurous is what brings you to the top of that mountain you just climbed, or that bear you just wrestled to the ground.

6. Easygoing I would like to say that I consider myself an easygoing spaz. Does that make sense? Probably not, but I'll go on. We all need an easygoing person in our lives. They are really great at easing our minds and letting us be at peace with the world, even if just for a minute.

7. Trusting Trust is the foundation that forms all relationships, and breaks them if it's not there. Being a trustworthy person makes you feel good about yourself, and makes others truly believe that they can count on you when it matters.

8. Optimistic Just like an easygoing person calms us down, a person who is optimistic can help us see the bright side of things. With all the immediate access to depressing news, it's really hard to stay positive. Someone who is optimistic is really just a gift and should be treasured.