73 Thoughts All Fall Grads Have On Entering Their Last Month Of College
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Student Life

73 Thoughts All Fall Grads Have On Entering Their Last Month Of College

Does this article count into that 3-5+ years of experience?

73 Thoughts All Fall Grads Have On Entering Their Last Month Of College

The time has come, one of the most terrifying things that could ever happen is being the first one out of your college friends to get that so well-deserved expensive piece of paper. The October months have come and gone and now Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. Here we go, the final month of your college experience.

1. Oh god, it’s happening.

2. Okay, so final campaign...done, portfolio of all digital media stuff... complete... OH MY GOD THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'LL USE THIS MAC AT SCHOOL...

3. Important question: what do I️ wear to my last social?

4. Oh no, my friends aren’t going to be around me at all times anymore.

5. Everyone is going to forget about me.

6. Everyone is going to live on their senior year and I’m gonna have to adult...

7. Am I️ still going to get invited to parties when I’m old and graduated?

8. Will people remember me at grad?

9. Everyone’s gonna have all these inside jokes I’m not going to know.

10. Is it acceptable to still hang around school after you get your degree? I️ mean I’m not walking till the Spring anyway...

11. What if I️ just get a job in my field on campus?

12. Then I️ have to hang out with my friends in business casual...

13. I️ don’t want to be the old weirdo who comes back to school and can’t get over college life.

14. But my friends aren’t graduated yet and I️ don’t walk till spring!


16. What am I️ going to do with myself when I️ don’t have school...

17. How do you life without school...

18. Will my friends still love me?

19. Everyone is going to be talking about the drama at Chapter and I’m gonna be stress-free in my bed.

20. Wait that’s not a bad thing.

21. But what about my little?

22. Did I️ finish that paper?

23. Wait.. I won’t have papers when I️ graduate.

24. But I need a job...


26. Wait, no I’m too in debt to try for that right now.

27. Maybe I’ll just run away to Florida again.

28. But I️ like my friends...

29. I️ don’t want to leave.


31. For real if I️ send this resume to someone will they hire me?

32. Why are there no fun jobs?

33. I️ just want to be a successful writer for a major magazine...

34. Helloooo major magazines? Where are you?

35. Why did I️ have to finish in the fall?

36. Do I️ even look like an adult?

37. How does an entry-level position require 5+ years of experience? HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?

38. Where do you get job experience?

39. Does this article count as experience?

40. Oh come on, I’m entertaining -ish. Hire me? Please? Anyone?

41. No not you, I️ want a job in my field. I refuse to hate going to work everyday.

42. I️ really need to finish that campaign...

43. What the heck, I’m so good at this stuff someone has to hire me.

44. My friends are going to forget me.

45. They’re going to have so much fun during the last part of senior year and now I️ have to be awkward and graduate in the fall.

46. Why is November flying by?

47. Wasn’t Halloweekend like yesterday?

48. Wow what if this is the last time I’m having a break down in the middle of Whipple Hall?

49. I’m gonna be such a bomb ass adult.

50. It’s really crazy when you talk about what you want to do when you get out of school.

51. And then you get to that point and you’re like... WHY ISNT ANYTHING WORKING.

52. Ugh, why do I️ have to be the adult?

53. Hello? Adults? Hi yes, I️ really need some answers.

54. Good thing I’m not walking till the Spring so it really doesn’t count till then.

55. But I️ want a job so bad.

56. Friends? Please promise me that you'll still love me when I'm degreed.

57. I’m being so ridiculous right now.

58. College was for real the best time of my life so far.

59. What do degreed people even do?

60. My friends with degrees are still the same, they just have real people jobs.

61. Okay so if they can get real people jobs then so can I, right?

62. I'm really not ready to have a husband I'm not that kind of adult yet.

63. So you're telling me with this piece of paper, I could get hired by a magazine.

64. Yo that's like my dream!

65. I can apply for jobs and my writing will actually count for something now?

66. That's so awesome. Down, let's do it.

67. My friends won't forget about me.. right? They couldn't?

68. We're all going to look back at this published breakdown and laugh some day when we're all adluting.

69. I think adult life is all about finding your place in this world, you know what you want to do, so now it's time to really do it.. because you can.

70. Wow that's so exciting.

71. I think I am ready to do this.

72. Give me that paper I worked so hard for and now it's time.

73. I'm going to get that job. Hello real world, here I come.

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