73 Reasons Why I Love Being A Big Sister

73 Reasons Why I Love Being A Big Sister

It's just my favorite thing in the whole wide universe.

To my Jack Henry,

You were quite literally hand-selected from the angels above to be put into our family and we are all better people because you are in our lives. You are the sassiest, funniest, and tallest lil love bug on this side of the Mississippi and I have enjoyed countless food dates, Mario Brother marathons, and story-telling therapy sessions with you by my side.

You will be ending your 8th grade year in about a month and then you'll be off to high school! How did that even happen?! In honor of this exciting transition, I've compiled just a few reasons why I love being your big sister. Just in case you ever forget how much I love you; This one's for you. <3

1. You're my forever friend.

Partly because you're stuck with me. But mostly because you're just the best.

2.You're the best breakfast date.

So glad we have figured out the whole "Tuckers To-Go" thing but nothing will beat a good dine-in breakfast date ;)

3. We have code words and inside jokes for everything.

We're the worst at restaurants.

4. We take silly selfies.

This is one of my all-time favorites.

5. Little kid snuggles.

You were such a snuggle bug.

6. Big kid snuggles.

This was the day I discovered we have the same eyes.

7. Attempting to cross our eyes.

Speaking of eyes ;)

8. I love watching you perform.

From PYT camp shows...

9. ...Again and again...

To Suessical (I really just wanted to jump up on stage and be your Gertrude McFuzz).

10. All the way up to the 8th grade musical.

I wouldn't take a shuttle to the train to the bus for just anyone ;)

11. You were the cutest baby.

Every time I look at this picture I just see how we have the same sized head.

12. Literally, the cutest.

We recently found this picture and I'm in love with it. Nice shades, dude ;)

13. That time we were told to "sit up and look pretty".

We were raised to be rule followers.

14. Apple picking adventures.

A September tradition.

15. You always held my hand.

Ya cutie.

16. The hammock in our backyard.

Is it my turn on the side with the pillow? ;)

17. I did NOT know you could do that.

Apparently you're stronger than you look.

18. We make up dances and sing dramatic duets.

This picture is one of the originals. HP laptop quality baby.

19. Dessert Dates.

Is it socially acceptable to get a Frosty and a smoothie in the same day?

20. Car Selfies.

Helps pass the time;)

21. Yeah, I know. You're taller now.

But I really don't mind hugs like this <3

22. Fast food for the win.

Burger King AND McDonalds. Hashtag sibling goals.

23. Our heart-to-hearts. Bonus points if one of us cries.

It's happened on more than one occasion.

24. Snapchat. Filters.

The more ridiculous the better.

25. Our "Christmas card worthy" trips to the beach.

You so littleeeeeee.

25. Our "end-of-the-summer" trips to the beach.

Always love doing beach photo shoots with mom.

26. Our "nightfall" trips to the beach.

When we waited for the sunset but it never really came.

27. Our "I'm really almost taller than you so watch out" trips to the beach.

And I never saw the top of your head ever again.

28. Perhaps my favorite picture of us. Ever.

Like Taylor Swift ever.

29. When you went to your first dance.

The end of 5th grade is a big deal man.

30. That. Face.

Kisses for jwithee.

31. Your hugs.

Remember when you used to fit right under my chin?

32. We like to dress up.

Those missing front teeth thoughhhhhhh.

33. And dress down.

Super casual.

34. I love that you practice your singing in front of me.

And you kinda believe me when I tell you that I'm not just saying you sound amazing because you're my brother and I have to.

35. When you visit me at Stonehill.

I could see you balling it up in that gym!

36. And we get matching T-shirts.

Sibling. Goals. AM I RIGHT.

37. You'll always be our heart healer.

Always and forever.

38. You are sassy and fresh and quick on your feet.

I really don't know how to keep up with you.

39. I love when you set up camp in my room.

Because your room is literally an ice castle in a winter wonderland 365 days a year- like who keeps a fan on in the winter?

40. Sometimes you share chairs with Hieu.

So fricken cute I cannot.

41. Other times you share bathrobes with Sam.

I don't even remember how this happened.

42. And you always do "the face" with Aidan.

You two are adorable.

43. Pizza picnics in the living room.

A Christmas time tradition.

44. I love watching you play basketball.

Look at that FORM. I'm sure dad will be proud when he sees this.

45. Because it's something we can do together.

Even though you've surpassed me in height. And skill. And maybe even speed (although that might be pushing it, we both slow as molasses). But I'm still the best fouler in the family.

46. And I'm basically your biggest fan.


47. Another car selfie, anyone?

Of course.

48. You are a literal ray of sunshine.

You make me happy when skies are gray (even though I love gray skies ;).

49. You're the best listener.

You love to hear about all my drama.

50. You laugh at (most of) my jokes.

There's a 50/50 chance you'll find me funny ;)

51. I loved you first.

True story <3

52. I'm sorry I broke your heart when I went to college.

This recently came up in a heart-to-heart. Where we both cried. Double bonus points.

53. I'm glad you were able to forgive me.

Thank GOD.

54. Because I really don't know what I'd do without you.

I really don't...

55. You have taught me so much about life.

Remember that time when you were 8 and Miley the fish died and you told me "it's the circle of life"?

56. You have the most compassionate heart.

Unified Sports (and our mother) have certainly guided you to your passion of working with kids with special needs.

57. And the BEST sense of humor.

You could probably be a comedian.

58. You're becoming so independent.

Big 8th grade yeeeeaaarrr.

59. You have my back and I'll always have yours.

No questions asked.

60. You're always up for a Target adventure.

When they put in Starbucks it's gonna be a good day, YEAH IT IS.

61. You're ridiculously silly.

Everyone needs a Jack Henry to remind them not to be serious all the time.

62. When I say: "I don't mean to keep relating your life back to my experiences" and you answer with, "No I like your advice, keep going".

That literally means the world to me.

63. After the "cha cha cha" you added "ooo la aaaa"

When we sang "Happy Birthday" at the last family gathering and you weren't there because you were sick, people literally said, "This just isn't the same without Jack".

64. Your. Fricken. Giggle.

Absolutely contagious.

65. You're one of the "good ones", you know?

You feel me?

66. You climb into my bed every Christmas morning and we wait for mom and dad to wake up.

Even this past year. There's really not enough room in my bed for that anymore but we did it anyway.

67. You're pretty good at braiding hair.

Not bad, right? ;)

68. You're taller than EVERYONE.

I can aways find you.

69. You're my partner in crime.

The peanut butter to my jelly.

70. Adam Henry would have loved you more than anything in this world, Jack Henry.

I have never doubted that for a second.

71. You make me proud everyday.

Every single day.

72. Being your big sister is my favorite thing in the whole wide universe.

Is it obvious yet?

73. This was the picture we took at my 8th grade graduation. Now it's your turn, bud. Go get 'em.

You got this. High school is so ready for you.

P.S. If no one has told you they love you today, know that I do and I always will.


Your big sister

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Withee

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Mindblowing, right? Wait, you can actually breastfeed in public and not have to show everyone what you're doing? What a revolutionary idea!

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Cover up. Be modest. Be mindful. Be respectful. Don't want to see my boobs? Good, I don't want to see yours either. Hard to believe, I know.

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8 Signs That You Grew Up With An Older Brother

If you have an older brother, I guarantee after reading this article you will end up copying and pasting this link to him!


If you ever wished you had a sister, join the club! Sometimes it would be nice to have a bigger wardrobe and more shoes to choose from. Read this article if you have an older brother and soon you will realize how much you learned from your older brother and how much you look up to him. I guarantee all of these signs will apply to you and not only make you appreciate the love and special bond between you and your brother but make you realize how awesome it is to be a little sister!

Lexi Garber

1. You were constantly dragged to your older brother's sports games

Whether it was baseball, football, soccer, or lacrosse, you were constantly dragged to all of your brother's tournaments, late night games, and practices. You constantly tried to find other siblings to play with but spent most of the time complaining to your parents that you wanted to go home. At this point, your parents just gave you five dollars to go find the snack stand to shut you up! Hey, don't worry little sister at least you got a good candy bar out of it and know that Eli Manning doesn't play for the Jets!

Lexi Garber

2. As you got older, you secretly conspired with your mom to see if he liked a girl

This is my all-time favorite sign! You and your mom would always sneak around and ask your brother what girls he was texting. Your mom would hire you as her own spy to check up on your big brother with just about everything in his life, but especially the girl he liked. When he found out you two were trying to pry information out of him, he would mostly be annoyed with you and the worst part of all, you still never know to this day who his crush was.


3. Your brother got his clothes laid out for him and you had to fend for yourself

People must always tell you how independent and down to earth you are because most of the time it was your older brother who was getting all of the babying and not you. It's bad enough that sixth-grade boys don't know how to match the color of their clothing and even worse that they need their mom to lay their clothes out for them in the morning before school. As a result, you were left dressing, feeding, and taking care of yourself. Don't worry little sister, at least you're ten times more independent and able to dress yourself. Get a good laugh at that floral Abercrombie skirt and cami tank top outfit you dressed yourself with in middle school!


4. You secretly crushed on all of his friends

You were probably ALWAYS knocking on your brother's door when his friends were over. That could have ended in two ways: 1) He told you that you were stupid and to get out or 2) him and his friends would put you in a headlock and decide that wrestling with you was hilarious. Either way, you always thought your brother's friends were adorable and would have done anything just to hang out with your brother and all of his friends.

Lexi Garber

5. You always told your best friends they were like a sister to you because you never had any

Unless you're a ton boy, you always envied your friends who had older sisters that they shared clothes, makeup, and accessories with. After all, it's not like my brother wanted to hear about all my juicy gossip and nonsense drama from middle school. You always relied on your close friends to give you the sensation of having a real sister. Now that I think about it, maybe I wouldn't have been so laid back and down to earth without always being around my brother because let's be honest, having sisters can be too much estrogen in one house!


6. You played Grand Theft Auto and Mario Cart

Whether it was Xbox, the PS4, or even the GameCube, your brother's room was always a video game man cave and he only ever let you in his room so he could beat you at Mario Cart or SuperSmash brothers. You only played video games when you were with your brother and enjoyed it because this was one of the many things you could bond over. At least you can add "video gamer" under the skills section in your resume!


7. You're a good secret keeper and listener

Your brother was always mischievous, whether he kept it a good secret or not, but somehow you always found out about it. However, being the good sis that you are, you never told on him to your parents and all of his secrets were safe with you. Maybe you could relate to me and your brother accidentally (well, this is debatable) threw a binder out the classroom glass window or hit a substitute teacher in the head with a kickball. Either way, your parents never found out about it because of the great little sister that you are!

Someecards User Card

8. You have a huge appetite

You always ate when your brother ate and probably even tried to out eat him, even though that always just ended in a stomach ache. Also, you guys would most likely conspire to sneak gushers and fruit rollups into the cart at the grocery store without your mom knowing. If your brother loves cooking, like mine, this big appetite can actually be useful! No matter what, you will always have a huge appetite and you can only thank one person for that: your big bro!


Overall, even though there were definitely some annoying things when growing up with an older brother, you would never trade him in for the world. You both grew up to become best friends and each other's confidant. And yes, it does take until you both get to college for him to actually want to spend time with you. Well, just wait until he brings his future wife home... you and your mom might want to start going to therapy ahead of time!!!

Lexi Garber

Lexi Garber

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