7 Ways To Save Money In Las Vegas
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7 Ways To Save Money In Las Vegas

The Cheatsheet!

7 Ways To Save Money In Las Vegas
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If you haven't been to Las Vegas I HIGHLY recommend going! There is no cooler exciting place to run around at night that the Strip! There are endless concerts, delicious food, unique sites, performers and great bars! I'm about to spend my 3rd birthday there and I couldn't be more excited. I've been so many additional times over the years for random fun or for concerts that I've actually come up with a few tips or hacks that can save you money and headaches while you're there.The best part of being a free-spirited gypsy is getting to do everything and then share my experiences with you guys! We all win! So, let's begin!

1. You've gotta have money to make money

Half of the appeal of going to Vegas is being in the casinos and pressing your luck on some slots or table games. There are so many ways for you to win (or lose). However, you probably have to stay within a budget if you're young. When you are planning your trip, tally up all the expenses and see what you have left over to gamble with. Basically you are your own bank, don't spend it all in one night. If you're there two nights and take $250 each night and don't touch the rest, you'll be glad you did the next morning. Not all people get so lucky, and you have to be mentally prepared to lose everything you came with. Remember, when you're up, you're up! Don't be greedy, know when to cash out.

BONUS: Cocktail waitresses give out free drinks to players at tables and some slots, just make sure you tip them.

2. Comped Rooms

If you go to gamble, take advantage of their reward programs they offer. At hotels such as the MGM Grand and Aria, the M Life card is used whenever you make a bet, it slowly accumulates points and keeps track of your winnings.

BONUS: When you register your address and other contact information, you are opening up a connection to get free deals. I have a buddy who gets multiple brochures each month from many casinos who will completely comp a two-three night stay AND give a complimentary resort credit of $100, just so he will come back and gamble and use their amenities. MAJOR key.

3. Get Into Clubs for Free

The best kept secret I've learned about partying at the most fancy clubs with the best EDM music is to utilize the promoters. Promoters are hired on behalf of the club to bring guests and fill tables. Most clubs in Vegas are huge, and they get paid to bring people. My biggest cheat is to go onto Instagram and search #vegas. Photo's will pop up with the event and artist and there is usually a phone number to text, give them a holler, tell them your name and how many girls and guys, and you're set.

BONUS: Entry is usually free with a 1:1 girl to guy ratio. Some clubs also give out free drink tickets for ladies, just ask. Just a heads up, the promo lines can get long, and it's ALWAYS best to be there around 10pm. Any later and you'll be waiting for hours, and although the clubs don't close till dawn and the alcohol doesn't ever quit being served, you'll want to be there before it's crowded to seal down your spot.

4. Traveling (from Southern California)

GETTING THERE: I've personally always driven to Las Vegas because I live in Los Angeles, and it's a mere four hours without traffic. However, between stopping and eating along the way it takes around five, I try to leave as early as possible on the day we are checking in so that I have time to re-group and take a nap when I get there.

GETTING HOME: This is SO important. If you're heading west out of Vegas BEWARE of mass traffic. Usually people go for the weekend, so everyone is leaving on Sunday. Check out is around 11am, and you can almost always push it back later if you need to. However, I advise you to stick around for the rest of the day until around 7pm. I've spent a few trips heading home that costed me 6-9 hours of my time when I've left around 12pm-4pm. It is a HUGE bummer after being hungover and annoyed with Monday dawning on you.

BONUS: Stop in Barstow and check out the World's Largest Thermometer and Alien Fresh Jerky. It's truly out of this world over there.

FLYING: Most airlines offer direct flights to Vegas, and navigating once your at LAS is easy because most Casino's will have a shuttle to take you directly there.

BUS: Taking the bus from Los Angeles to Vegas will rack up about 7 hours of your time. It'll cost you anywhere from $40-60 roundtrip. I suggest checking out Bolt Bus.

5. Food Hack

Although room service / casino restaurants are expensive, that's probably going to be the healthiest food you'll eat. The Strip is so long that you'll probably not want to wake up and go find some food. However, if you are balling on a budget, there's a major food court across from the Cosmopolitan. Everything is in there, and although it's a little more pricey that what you're use to if it was near your house, that's where you'll be able to max out on food for a smaller price.

BONUS: Getting a sandwich or two that you can keep in your cooler will be the best late night snack.

6. What To Bring - (Nourishment)

Dresses, heels and makeup aside, you're going to want to bring a few options with you to keep yourself nourished.

If you're driving, I HIGHLY suggest bringing a cooler. Inside I would get some ice for the road and load up on fruits, yogurt, hummus, and veggies. After a long night, you'll want to be sure to replenish with all those nutrients. I drink fresh pressed juice everyday, and I just bring one for each day and that saves me around $20 while i'm there. Another helpful use for the cooler is to keep your beer/whisky/vodka cold for your entire trip. Hotels often don't let you use the mini-fridge for storage, unless you've got a really nice room with a kitchenette. For dry foods I bring pita chips and granola bars. Also bring a case of water. When you get there the bell hop will put everything on a trolly cart and you won't even have to worry about the hassle.

I'm sure you've already thought about it, but don't wait to get bottles of alcohol there. Stock up before hand to save money and to save time wandering the strip. Also, bring cups! In case you're running low, Walgreens sells everything, with a higher price, but when you're wandering the Strip at 4am, you can find everything at Walgreens.

7. Pool Parties

This is definitely my favorite part of staying in Vegas. The weather in the spring and summer is 70+ degrees. There is nothing more awesome than lounging poolside in the sun amongst some of the most beautiful looking people! Most pools also have pool parties that happen on the weekends. Beware, these come with a huge price. Last year I went to Wet Republic and day of show for Calvin Harris was $50 for girls and $100 for guys. They don't let you bring in alcohol, and the only drinks they served were in 36oz plastic cups for $40. Yes, you heard me. One huge drink for $40. You better believe I kept that cup.

BONUS: Even though the drink is expensive, it's huge. It should prevent you from going back to the bar multiple times.

If you have any other super cool Vegas hacks that you'd like to share, send me an email at goddessyoutfitters@gmail.com.

Happy Raging!



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