In the world of social media, we now have the opportunity to see people's bedrooms all over the world. Tumblr has become a platform of inspiration for tons of people worldwide. Even Pinterest has guides on how to make your room "Tumblr worthy" but most of them involve buy lots of expensive accessories and decor and taking everything you own out of your room. With this guide, you can make the room you have Tumblr worthy in just a few easy steps.

1. Hang up a tapestry (or put one on your bed).

Tapestries are a great way to bring color into an otherwise simple room. Many Tumblr rooms are very minimalist and tapestries are the main accent. You can buy them from Urban Outfitters or on Amazon and can get them in any color. They are incredibly easy to hang up and take down, so when it comes time to move (go away to college, move out of college) you can take it with you.

Try out this popular and affordable tapestry on Amazon.

2. Hang up memories in the form of pictures.

The trick with this one is to put as many pictures as possible on your wall. Lots of Tumblr worthy rooms have polaroids, but you can use any pictures you have that make you happy. You can print out pictures from your phone of your favorite memories and hang them up. If you don't want to use personal pictures, getting album covers or magazine pages also have the same effect.

This DIY picture frame collage has fantastic reviews on Amazon.

3. Let there be light! String lights, that is.

Whether the room is boho-inspired or modern and minimalist, almost every Tumblr- worthy room I have seen has string lights. Some people border their walls with lights, some people use them to accent their favorite part of their room, and some people incorporate them into a picture wall from number two.

You can go for simple string lights, or pick these fun string lights that also double as photo hangers.

4. Re-do your closet with IKEA furniture.

Many Tumblr worthy rooms have closets filled with IKEA furniture, probably because so many Tumblr worthy rooms are the rooms of beauty and lifestyle vloggers and bloggers. The IKEA closet systems allow anyone's closet to store more and be as close to a walk in closet you can get in small space. Although this is the most expensive way on this list to make your room Tumblr worthy, it is also the most practical. This will not only give you an aesthetically please closet, but it also helps you keep organized.

6. Get white bedding.

For me, this is the least practical thing on this list. I am more than likely to get white bedding dirty, but so many Tumblr rooms have bedding that looks clean and crisp. It is up to you whether you want to take that risk. If you do, here's a great white set from Amazon to get you started.

7. Have things with quotes on it.

Wall decals, pillow cases, wall art, you name it and the internet sells it. My favorite place to get these types of room decor are Urban Outfitters, which can be on the expensive side, and Etsy, which can be more affordable and are usually made my independent artists.

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