If you love the holidays, this is the time of year to show your Christmas spirit! Go out and do some new things this season, or go above and beyond to make your normal Christmas traditions extraordinary.

1. Go Christmas Caroling.

Christmas caroling is so underrated! When else is it acceptable to run around singing at the top of your lungs? It's time to break out the voice you usually only share in your car or shower. Gather some friends, dress in your Christmas best, and maybe even add an instrument or two to your performance if you are musically inclined.

2. Make homemade hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is a must have during the holidays. Any good Christmas aficionado should have at least a box or two at home at any point during the winter season. Well to go above and beyond, make your Christmas extra by making your hot chocolate from scratch. There are several do-it-yourself instructional videos out there, including some for making hot chocolate in a crock pot. If that's not good enough, find your most Christmasy mug and dunk the rim in frosting and crushed candy canes. Make sure to drink the hot chocolate any time the temperature drops below 70 degrees!

3. Watch at least one Christmas movie per night.

There are literally hundreds of Christmas movies out there! It's almost impossible to watch all of them during the holiday season. This can at least be partially solved by watching one Christmas movie per night starting on Thanksgiving. Freeform's 25 Day's of Christmas specials can certainly help with some of the classics, but in order to maximize your holiday viewing capacity, you will need to find other sources as well.

4. Christmas music...all the time.

Radio stations begin to play Christmas music starting Thanksgiving Day, and sometimes even earlier. The second the Christmas season starts should be the second that Christmas music begins. No other type of music should exist between Thanksgiving and New Years. Play it in your house, play it in your car, at work, at school? It doesn't matter. Playing Christmas music is a perfect time for you to practice those songs you'll be singing when you go Christmas caroling.

5. Every day is an Ugly Sweater day.

Who says ugly Christmas sweaters are only for holiday parties? Bring out those Christmas sweaters all 25 days of Christmas! Your class or work mates will appreciate your Christmas spirit; plus, those sweaters are always so comfy and cozy. Be even more extra and break out some matching Christmas socks. Not only do they keep your feet toasty warm in the cold weather, they also bring that extra something to your wardrobe that will make you stand out this season.

6. Host a Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is a tradition for gift giving during the holidays. But why stop at just one? Host a Secret Santa for every group you are a part of, at school, at work, at home, etc.

7. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate.

Think National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Just how many strands of lights can your house hold? Have a blow-up Frosty? What about a live nativity on your front lawn? Decorate your car, decorate your room. Christmas cheer should be everywhere!

Step up and make this Christmas something extra magical. Spread Christmas cheer and impress your friends with your spirit of the season.