So you've made it past your first semester. You know now that it's not cool to wear your lanyard around your neck and that you should take advantage of your meal swipes. You feel like you fit in with the upper class men who have the, "I'm so done with this place and can't wait to graduate" look on their faces. Now is the perfect time to get the feel of who you are as an individual and as a student.

Here are seven things you should do now that you are in the spring semester.

1. Go to the gym

Not only have you discovered that the freshman 15 is a real thing, the holidays added at least another five pounds to that. Taking advantage of the free gym equipment and facilities is a great way to start the spring semester. If you're too afraid of the macho man that can bench press you times two; take a friend with you. It can be both fun and rewarding if you stick to it.

2. Join a club, greek life, or a team

Now that you know what it takes to make good grades, its time to involve yourself on campus. Joining a club or being a part of greek life takes the stress of school away and lets you make new friends. It allows you to feel a sense of community and to make those needed connections with upperclassmen and alumni for advice.

3. Adventure out into the town

There is more to your town than campus, I'm sure of it. Whether it's going to the local clubs to get your dance on or going hiking on the trails on the outskirts of town; you should try to branch out into your college town's community. Since you will be living there for a minimum of four years, you should take in all everything that your town has to offer. While finding the local Walmart and super market are important; finding your favorite new restaurant will lead you to memories that will stay with you even after you leave.

4. Try a new hobby

This is a fun part about college, you can become whoever you want to be and enjoy whatever you want. Trying new things is an important part in finding out who you are as a person. So go to the yoga classes that are offered at the rec, try writing in a journal, or even tryout or the local theatre auditions. You never know what might become your new passion.

5. Set a schedule

Now that you've had your first semester frantics, the time of not being sure how to schedule time for fun and studying, you can place an accurate schedule that let's you have time to focus on developing who you are. Setting a new schedule for the beginning of the new semester is a vital way to stay organized and allow for extra fun. So break out that planner, write on that whiteboard, and do whatever it takes to stay on task... while also having some fun.

6. Start looking for off-campus housing

This is a big one. Sometimes your campus doesn't allow off-campus housing and you have to stay in the dorms, which is perfectly fine. However, a lot of times students have the freedom to live in cheaper places and experience some freedom. You will want to start looking all over town, comparing prices and amenities. It may take some time and research, but i'm sure you will find a place that you love.

7. Live a little

This is the wrap it all up point. Now that the stresses of getting used to college are thrown out of the window, you can now focus on you. You aren't under your parents constant wing anymore and you have the freedom to fly, enjoy it. Adventure towards the unknown, try new things, learn a new skill, and develop who you want to become as you grow into adulthood.