Any Scrubs fan knows the bond between JD and Turk is unbreakable, and if you are as close with your roommate as I am with mine, you relate to it in an uncanny way. Especially with Thanksgiving approaching quickly, it's time to give thanks back to one of the most important people in your life... your roommate!

1.) You guys do everything together, and your roommate is basically a part of your family and you a part of theirs.

2.) You always think of each other when you're in the grocery store or at the mall, and can't even count the amount of matching clothes or pieces of jewelry you buy for each other.

3.) This is what winter, spring, or summer vacation feel like, and there is nothing more emotional than your multiple (12) facetimes per day.

4.) Whenever you guys walk into a party together, this is what it feels like, and you are ready to own the dance floor with your best friend and killer moves. (Even though your moves aren't killer).

5.) When anything good happens to either of you, it is a shared joy. Nothing is better than seeing your best friend happy, and nothing is better than sharing that happiness with them!

6.) Any feat or issue, big or small, you always have your roommates back and will support them no matter what.

7.) You know that even when college is over and you aren't roommates anymore, you'll always be best friends and they will always be one of the biggest parts of your life.