1. Spotify playlist folders

You can make playlist folders for your playlist on Spotify. Log onto Spotify on your desktop computer, go to File>New playlist folder, and drag your playlists into that folder.

2. Stream Netflix anywhere!

Download Netflix shows for on the go on your mobile phone to save data!

3. Bye, Bye, Facebook!

Running out of storage? Delete the Facebook app, and then reinstall it.

4. No storage, no problem?

Another storage trick: store all your photos on google photos app.

5. Shazam while snapping

Open snapchat, press and hold the screen to Shazam a song.

6. Take a Snapchat video with no hands!

Go to settings>general>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch>On>Create New Gesture...press and hold down the screen for 10 seconds. Title that gesture and save it, open snapchat, click open the AssistiveTouch, press custom, and tap your custom made gesture. Drag it to the big circle on snapchat, and take a video with no hands! This one will really mess up your friends!

7. Airplane Mode

When playing games, turn on airplane mode to get rid of ads.