Ah...September. The season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes is finally upon us. The weather is changing and people are going back to school. Which for UCR students also brings a certain amount of denial based on a variety of things. Because September also means the end of summer. But we still get the whole month to let our thoughts be consumed by...

1. About Financial Aid

I can't pinpoint just one thought that we have about our Financial Aid as the new school year comes up. Let's be real, there are tons of thoughts when it comes to making sure everything is in place for the year. Most of them are stressful and full of fear because you never know if something will go wrong. And I get it. I hope that your financial aid has not given you any issues. May the odds ever be in your favor.

2. About Tuition Payment Deadline Number One

Once this deadline comes and goes, there are two reactions. The first, is the excitement and joy that comes with the refund check. That is if you are getting one. If you don't, then I am sorry. Because those of us that do get a refund check know that it is the main reason why we still have a place to stay and food to eat. Then the second reaction is the immediate realization that school is about to begin soon. Enter a week of a denial.

3. About Move-ins

September is the month that most people move back into their respective apartments or move into new ones. If you already have an apartment, your thoughts are primarily about making sure that you'll have enough to take care of September's rent. If you are moving into a new apartment, not only are your thoughts about the rent money, but also about making sure that you actually have a place to live for the next year.

4. "I don't want to go back"

Like I said, this reaction starts in the beginning of September and gets stronger as the month goes on. Denial hits and all of a sudden, you're doing everything you can to make the most of your last month of freedom. Plans are finally made and now you are making sure that you actually catch up with your friends before you get busy all of a sudden.

5. "Well maybe it won't be so bad..."

This is the lie that we all tell ourselves as the first day of classes comes closer. While it's nice to hope that this coming quarter, and the rest of the year, won't be terrible, it is naive. Of course there are some people who do make it out unscathed. But most people get swept up by the craziness of the quarter and about halfway through, we are begging for it to be Winter Break. Yeah, I've been there. And let me remind you that you will make it.

6. "Wait...that means I have to start going back to work"

If you've been working all summer, then this transition is not so bad. But if you don't work during the summer, or you just don't like your on campus job, then you've probably been having this thought. Of course it's not fun, but at least it helps you pay for things. Like the tissues you'll need when you have a mental break down in the middle of the quarter. At least this is what you'll tell yourself to soften the blow.

7. And let's not forget about...

Everything and anything. The beginning of the school year usually means that clubs, organizations and teams are now back in focus. Which, if you're involved in anything, means that you need to be responsible for the responsibilities that come with being involved. These stressful thoughts can start early in the month, especially if you hold an important position, and follow you throughout the year.

With school starting back up in a couple weeks, I know I can't be the only one who is in a slight state of denial that the summer is almost over. Hopefully this year won't be so bad right?