Friends..can't live with them? Na, can't live without them. Who else would you make fun of, adventure with, cry with, chug beer with or go to no matter what. Each friend in your life has an impact on you and your actions. Here are 7 types of friends you should have in your lifetime broken down into 7 accurate titles.

1. The Ball Buster

Who doesn't love a good ball buster? This friend doesn't have a problem making sarcastic comments and roasting someone about literally anything. Although this friend may come off uncaring and insensitive they're always the one that makes you laugh the hardest and remind you that your ex ain't shit.

2. The Adventurer

This friend brings you anywhere and everywhere. From across the country to a local coffee shop that you've never been to, this person is always trying new things.

3. The Boss

This friend always has their shit together. They chase their dreams and inspire you to go after what you want in life. They have a 4.0 GPA, real life experience. They're your first call when you're looking for a job or a connection on LinkedIn.

4. The OG

This is your hometown friend that you've known forever. They've seen you lick the cafeteria floors of your elementary school due to truth or dare, they've witnessed you have your first four loko and have snuck out of the house with you in high school. They're the real OG and your first phone call when you get arrested.

5. The Sensitive One

This friend you've seen cry more than anyone else but it's o.k because they remind you that people do actually have feelings.

6. The Partier

This friend is always down to get a drink and have a good time. Whether you're having at wine night or clubbing, this friend is always down to turn up.

7. The Grandma

Because life's all about balance this friend loves to stay in and watch movies and eat pizza. They're your phone call when you need a ride home and remind you that Netflix is always the answer.