True Crime Documentaries

7 Chilling 'True Crime' Documentaries You Need to See

Dive into true crime with the best true crime documentaries out there.


There's just something about true crime documentaries that suck you in and keep you hooked. If you're a true crime junkie and want to watch the best of the best, these true crime documentaries are for you:

1. "Evil Genius"

Subtitled "The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist," this 4-part documentary centers on the Pizza Bomber case where a pizza man robs a bank with a bomb around his neck and gets murdered. Things only get crazier from there. Each installment will get you deeper into the mystery and conspiracy surrounding this case.

2. "Amanda Knox"

You probably remember Amanda Knox, the US foreign exchange student who was living abroad in Italy and was charged and convicted of killing her roommate. She was eventually acquitted years later, but this documentary dives into the details of the case and interviews those close to her.

3. "The Staircase"

Novelist Michael Peterson was accused of killing his wife Kathleen after she was found dead in their home. Peterson claimed he found his wife dead at the bottom of their stairs, but the investigators and evidence seem to contradict his claims. Dig deeper into this case by checking out this Peabody Award-winning documentary.

4. "The Jinx"

This 6-part documentary produced by HBO will captivate you from the start and keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Robert Durst was and has been accused of a number of crimes, and the creators of this documentary delve into the witnesses and evidence while continually interviewing Durst himself. Watch until the groundbreaking end, you won't regret it.

5. "The Keepers"

Beloved nun Cathy Cesnik is murdered, and her body is found 2 months later. The authorities have never charged anyone for her killing, and it is under suspicious circumstances. You'll want to tune into this Netflix docuseries to find out the details of her killing and how it's connected to the Catholic high school's priest.

6. "The Central Park Five"

This case received national attention in 1989 when five Latino and black teenagers were wrongfully convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park. This documentary tells the story of these 5 boys and who ended up confessing to the crime.

7. "The Imposter"

In a wild chain of events, this documentary details the case of a 14-year-old boy who goes missing in Texas and shows up 3 years later. The twist? It's not actually the boy who went missing who shows back up. You'll want to watch every minute of this thrilling series of trickster events.

Dive deep into a true crime hole with these gripping, entertaining true crime documentaries. You won't want to miss out!

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10 TV Shows You Need To Watch On Hulu

Hulu is slept on


I have recently moved to watch shows and movies on Hulu and Netflix. Hulu has a lot of great shows and movies to offer that aren't on Netflix. While Netflix is still great, Hulu is definitely starting to grow on me. Here are some shows that I have watched or have started watching on Hulu that I think are pretty great!

1. 11.22.63

If you love James Franco and Stephen King, you'll love this show. The first episode is a bit long, but all the other episodes are only 45 minutes. The plot line is pretty interesting. I also like that it doesn't tell you everything, it shows it to you and you piece things together.

2. The Act

The fact that this show is based on a true story is just insane. The acting is really great, especially if you watch actual videos of Gypsy, Joey King does a great job.

3. Castle Rock

Another Stephen King masterpiece. This show is riveting and really makes you think about what the truth is in the context of the story, and brings in some ethical questions.

4. Future Man

I've only recently started this but it's pretty interesting and funny.

5. The O.C.

The O.C. (TV Series 2003–2007) - IMDb

This show was great. Sometimes it was a bit annoying, but it is a classic show from the early 2000s. You really become invested in all the characters and your opinion may change on some characters because they grow and develop throughout the show.

6. The Handmaid's Tale

If you've read the book, you should definitely watch the show.

7. Obsession: Dark Desires

I just love true crime stories and this really dives deep into crime stories and the darkest parts of humanity.

8. Intervention

This show can be really sad or frustrating, but I think it's good for people to see the reality of addiction.

9. Smallville

Smallville (2001-2011)

I also started this one very recently and I've always wanted to watch it. It can be cheesy but it's pretty entertaining.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is a great show if you want to laugh. I love all of the characters and everything they bring to the table.

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