7 Topics You Can Write Your Next Listicle About
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7 Topics You Can Write Your Next Listicle About

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7 Topics You Can Write Your Next Listicle About
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People are rushed readers. We scroll through news feeds, social media posts, and tweets containing 150 characters or less. The modern reader wants more in less time and a Listicle is often the perfect way to achieve that.

So what are the best topics to write a Listicle about? Politics? What's Trending in Fashion? Here are 7 topics that can get you started writing your next Listicle.

1. Morning Habits That Make You More Productive

Science shows that we are most productive in the morning. Try researching morning habits that help accelerate your productivity in the morning.

2. How to Behave at Company Dinners

Company dinners are becoming a common practice in the workplace. These dinners often entertain a diverse group, including potential clients, board members, and overseas office managers. How does one behave when entertaining these types of dinner guests?

3. Top Countries to Backpack on a Budget

Traveling the world seems to make it onto everyone's bucket list. The number one reason why people aren't scratching it off? Money. Survey the cheapest places in the world backpackers can travel to on a budget.

4. Best Books on Finance

Does being financially secure sound rewarding to you? It does to many others, as well. Try researching the best books in finance to help others obtain their own financial freedom.

5. Dog Breeds That Make the Best Therapy Dogs

Ever notice how it always seems to be the same few dog breeds sporting a service dog vest? There's a reason for that. Look into the best dog breeds for service.

6. The Most Annoying Things People Do on Facebook

Have you ever had a full on conversation with your best friend about the most annoying habits you see people doing on Facebook? Chances are you're not alone. Create a list of the most annoying things we've all seen (and are probably guilty of doing ourselves) on Facebook.

7. Things You Can Do That Get You Promoted

Everyone wants to get promoted. How can you streamline the process to get there as soon as possible? Try listing the top things you can do in the workplace to help you get noticed and land that promotion.

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