Here are 7 tips every person should know about storms. Especially in the Midwest with how crazy storms can be around here.

1. Always have a flashlight and batteries

A flashlight being used

Flashlights and batteries aren't that expensive and are vital when/if the electricity goes out. Missouri weather can be very back and forth and you need to be able to see to stay safe.

2. Pay attention to the weather beforehand

A radar full of storms near Springfield

Bad weather can come in an instant but it is always good to be prepared and knowledgeable about what is to come. Always watch the radar and be alert.

3. Always have your phone charged up

Charger cords

In case of emergency, you always want to be able to contact parents or friends. Being away at college, especially far away, can be a lot for a parent and it's always good to keep them in the know. And 911 is always a resource and you would need to contact them if need be.

4. Download radio/local weather app on your phone

Weather reports on a smart watch

If you aren't around a tv or you are in class, you want to be able to know the weather on the go. The radio is a free tool that can always give you information and KY3 has an app just for weather in the area.

5. Always have a plan in case of severe weather

A person planning something

Always have a plan with your friends or roommate about what to do if you're in your dorm and there is a storm coming. It is always good to have a plan of where to go and what to make sure you have with you. It's great to be on the same page with everybody.

6. Have a first aid kit on hand

A first aid kit

In case you are not able to get to a safe place on time, you always want to be prepared in case something were to happen. Having a first aid kit in your dorm is smart even if there isn't a storm.

7. Always have non-perishable food in your dorm/car

Campbell's Soup is a good nonperishable

In case you are trapped in your car or in a shelter, always have non-perishable food with you. You never know when there could be an emergency and you want to be prepared.