It seems that Thomas Rhett is becoming more and more known in the music industry and we have all since realized that we have been sleeping on Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins' relationship, or at least I have. The two just recently started a family and have proven even more why many fans are claiming them to be #couplegoals. For those who aren't too familiar with this power couple, here are just a few facts that prove why they are the cutest couple in country music. Ever.

1. They have known each other since the first grade.

And they dated when they were 15. Yep, brb going to go stalk my first-grade classmates on Facebook.

2. They adopted a baby and had a baby in the same year.

They got the news that they were adopting a baby girl, Willa Gray, from Africa. While learning about this addition to their family, they also discovered that Lauren was pregnant with a girl, Ada. Now, not only are they couple goals, they are also family goals.

3. This video of their love story.

4. They both almost married someone else

After they parted ways in high school, they moved on to serious relationships where they both got engaged. But, fate stepped in and Rhett confessed his love of Lauren to her father at Lauren's sister's graduation party, after finding out that Lauren was single again. And the rest is history.

5. Rhett has strict rules while touring

He enforces many rules such as no girls on the bus and no touching during meet-and-greets. He also used a body double during an intimate scene in a music video. Rhett said, “As strict as rules as they are, those kind of things have to be enforced for me to keep my guard up and for her to trust that what (I say is) going on on the road is really what’s going on on the road.”

6. They don't pretend their relationship is perfect.

They have both admitted many times that they fight "like cats and dogs, but you know we've fought like cats and dogs since we were like 10 years old."

7. Thomas loves showing Lauren off (and embarrassing her in the process)

Just listen to "Die A Happy Man", and you will understand why we all want a Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins kind of love.