The semester is FINALLY over and as Iggy Azalea would say: "Praise Jesus, Hallelujah". If your semester has been as stressful as mine, I know you're really happy to be home and relaxing. Being home is especially nice if you've just finished your first semester of freshman year. Congratulations! You made it. I know you probably left your dorm room in disarray during the whirlwind of finals and packing to go home, so here's a list of things that you should definitely get rid of once you go back to school for your second semester.

1. That furry white rug that you thought would ~complete~ your dorm room.

At this point, it's probably not white anymore, because let's be real it's not like you take your shoes off at the door anymore.

2. Half of all the DVD's you brought with you.

I know most of your DVD's are just sitting there collecting dust in some kind of basket by your TV.

3. Old Pictures

You might not want to admit it, but odds are you've definitely had a falling out with one of your best gal pals from high school. Take those high school pictures down from your wall collage, you'll feel better, I promise.

4. Your School Stuff

Don't hoard your old notebooks from your classes. You don't need that negativity in your life.

5. The ideas you had about the college looking like the movies.

Just like the old DVD's you're getting rid of, throw this out while you're at it. At this point, we're all aware that college can't all be parties and endless sleepovers with your new pals. It's hard, and that's okay and the sooner you realize that the better.

So, when you get back to school have a little pow-wow with yourself and really think about what you want to leave behind in last semester. There's nothing more satisfying than reinventing yourself, especially for the new year! So, cheers to the semester being over and cheers to 2018!!