This one goes out to the people that don't use their real hometown when asked for their hometown... because no one has ever heard of it. Stay small, Upper Falls.

1. You have to allow extra time for going anywhere because you live in the middle of nowhere.

Few people can appreciate the struggle of having to drive to the next town over for gas.

2. You know, grew-up with, and are friends with 99% of the people who live in your zip code.

The kids of my dad's best friends are now my best friends.

3. Having your license isn't a necessity to hanging out with your hometown friends because you can walk to all of their houses.

....Unless they're your school friends who live forty-five minutes away.

4. You know how to make your own fun.

Town attractions include: A cornfield, two churches, and the post office. Bonfires are a typical weekend activity.

5. Snow days will have you trekking all over town, but they'll never be spent alone.

"No school! Walk over so we can walk to the church and go sledding." "Be there in two minutes."

6. People who live in your state still haven't heard of your town, so you get really good at describing where exactly it is.

"It's in between Bel Air and Perry Hall." "Where are Bel Air and Perry Hall?" "You know what, Baltimore, I'm from Baltimore, close enough."

7. You can't relate when someone describes a town with a population of a few thousand as "small".

My Zip Code is one square mile and I'm pretty sure the population is maybe a hundred.

Let me know if I'll ever leave.