7 Things We All Love About Winter

We are in the midst of winter and you're probably ready for it to be spring. There's still a couple of more months of winter left. Keep these seven things in mind to get you through the cold months.

1. Hot chocolate.

Nothing is better than making a nice cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day.

2. Snow.

We all hate to admit it but we love the snow. It makes our everyday scenery so much more beautiful. Snow also brings the outdoor activities that we love like snowboarding, skiing, sledding, snowman building, and snow ball fights.

3. Lazy days.

Who doesn't love the days where you can just sit around cuddled underneath a blanket, watch movies, and do nothing?

4. Cookies.

The winter is the perfect time to bake cookies and satisfy our sweet tooth.

5. The holidays.

6. Quality time with loved ones.

The winter months tend to be when people spend the most time with one another.

7. Lights.

Admiring light decorations while driving or walking at night is something that we all do and can't get enough of. Without it winter just wouldn't feel the same.

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