7 Things Those Working In A Restaurant Know All Too Well
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7 Things Those Working In A Restaurant Know All Too Well

Sometimes hell really does exsist

7 Things Those Working In A Restaurant Know All Too Well

Let me just tell you, if you work for a fast food restaurant or a big chain restaurant, then I'm pretty sure you'll agree with everything in this article!

Check out seven things those working in a restaurant know to be true:

1. Hell does exist

If I know anything, working in a kitchen sure does feel like hell. You'll get used to it though! When I fist went into the business it was all ok. Two years later and I couldn't be any deeper in hell than I already am. It's good when you have friends around because at least you guys can share your hatred together.

2. Management

Your manager sometimes is the Devil, and boy it is not pretty! So from the moment you walk in kiss, kiss, and kiss their ass! It benefits you in the end! TRUST ME!!! From personal experience it's always good to be on your managers good side because if you continue to do all things right you might end up moving your way up the totem pole! All you really need to do is pretend like you want to be there. Everything will be ok. (I'm lying)

3. Co-workers

Sometimes your co-workers become your friends and sometimes their on the devils side. Meaning they'll do everything in their power to make your job a living hell, as if it wasn't already. Many of you will know what I'm talking about when I say there's the one shift leader who will make you try and quit or contemplate killing yourself on the second day. It does get better in the end. For most people at least.

4. Personality

Before I began working in restaurants I was very outgoing and charming. Things changed and I don't think I've ever been so miserable. Now I'm not sure if it's just me or if other people's personalities changed, but I do not like it.

5. Resting Bitch Face

If you didn't have resting bitch face before you probably have it now. And for anyone that has ever worked on a register, it probably started there. I firmly believe the worst is when you can see the guest walking in and you're like "Please turn your ass around because I don't want to deal with you". Judging by the face you're giving them, they're probably going to make their order hell for you.

6. Late Night Stragglers

This isn't taco bell. We are not open til 1 a.m., please leave! The two restaurants I've worked at closed at 10 p.m. Which means grill and fryers are off and any other guests that are still there get locked in. I'm kidding, but i wish! I have a seperate bitch face for these people. As if they can not see we are clearly closing in 5 minutes but still have the nerve to ask "when do you close?" Uhm excuse me miss turn yourself around and walk out right NOW!! We've had guests walk in at 9:58 and ask to dine-in, sad part is we can't tell them no. I always have that 'I want to punch you in the face' look on so hopefully they get scared and leave. Unfortunately, I'm only 4'11" so not much frightening is happening there.

7. Friends

I will say the only good thing that ever came out of my restaurant jobs were my friends. You all have dancing with the devil fun. Sometimes it makes me think working in hell is worth it. To the nights we've drank talking about the shitty employees, and to the long ass hours we put in together with our blood sweat and tears. (Legit blood by the way.) If it wasn't for any of them, I think I might have locked myself in the freezer already. Cheers to my friends, for surviving hell with me!

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