7 Things Incoming College Freshmen Need To Know
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7 Things Incoming College Freshmen Need To Know

Some helpful tips for your first year of life-changing fun.

7 Things Incoming College Freshmen Need To Know

1. The first few months will feel like a utopia

When you first get to college and get settled, you will meet SO many cool people that are so similar and different from you but that you seriously just click with. This will happen for about the first two months you are in school and then you’ll start to the freshness will start to diminish. You won’t be as close to the same people you were so close with at the beginning of the year but that’s OK, because you’ll find your niche and you’ll still see these people around campus all the time. It’s great to have many acquaintances in college because your relationships will grow and develop so frequently, so never burn a bridge.

2. It is cool to be involved

I know a lot of the time it seemed “uncool” to be super involved in high school because you might get labeled as an overachiever or a goody-two-shoes. In college, that is not the case. In fact, if you aren’t involved in something on campus then you might actually be viewed as “uncool”. The best part of college is that you can always drop something if it's too much of a time commitment or if you aren’t passionate about it because when you are surrounded by like-minded, busy college students, nobody will judge you for being a little overwhelmed because chances are they are in the same boat.

3. Break negative ties

In high school, if you were involved in a toxic friendship or relationship it could often times be really hard to break it off because you are in a smaller environment of people so everyone could easily get involved and it could cause drama. In college, nobody really cares. There are enough people to meet where if you feel like you aren’t getting something out of a relationship anymore, you can just cut ties and move on. College is really about finding yourself and growing as a person so don’t waste your time or spend too much negative energy if you don’t have to!

4. Grow up!

It sounds a little harsh but seriously, grow up a little. College is not just about getting an education and becoming an intellectual but it’s about growing up and learning how to be independent. So, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, try to be more of an adult. Run errands by yourself, eat a meal alone, figure out how to file for FAFSA without your mom’s guidance. If you reach out to the right people and use your resources you’d be surprised at how much easier it is to get things done without having to call your mom first. Learn how to be a big girl/boy, you can’t stay sheltered forever.

5. Call your parents

With all that being said, call your parents. There will be times when you feel so overwhelmed and the only thing that can cure it is an “I love you kid, it’s gonna be okay” from your parents. They will appreciate knowing you still need them for emotional guidance and they can provide a quick-fix until you get over the hump yourself.

6. Go to the party

I know it may seem like all you want to do is binge-watch Netflix or hit the sack after a long day of classes, sports, and just life in general, but loosen up. Find something within you and just go out. You’d be surprised at how fun the spur-of-the-moment, spontaneous nights can be. Someone wise once told me not to let school get in the way of college!

7. Savor the moments

Cheesy, I know. But seriously. It really freaks me out just how quickly my freshman year flew by, and if my first year went by that quickly then God only knows how quickly the next three will. With that being said, enjoy every moment. There really is nothing quite like being in college and basically having a sleepover with all of your best friends every night all while growing intellectually. Consider yourself lucky if you get to experience this.

So, incoming college freshman, get ready for the best years of your life! I would love to be a freshman forever. Live it up, good luck and get ready for a fun ride!

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