You know how it is — your alarm goes off, you hit snooze, sleep for five minutes, and then you actually don't wake up until 30 minutes later. Really? Is this really happening? So you frantically jump out of bed and throw on your work clothes, feed the dogs, and rush out the door. Then you actually get to work on time — woohoo, right? Wrong...because you forgot your phone at home. Here are seven things you'll experience if you go through the day without your trusty smartphone.

1). You keep losing track of time.

I mean, who even wears a watch to tell time anymore, even when I do wear a watch I still use my cell phone to keep track of time.

2). Having to ask for directions.

You become more aware of where you are driving. I don't know about everyone else, but I've become way too dependent on my phone's GPS to get me places even if I have driven there 4 times already (or more).

3). Waiting in public and feeling lost because your so used to being on your phone.

Whether it's public transportation, waiting in line, or a waiting room, is it even normal to start a random conversation? I suppose it is in some cases. Maybe I'll talk to this guy next to me...oh wait, he's on his cell phone.

4). You're not connected.

But is this really a bad thing? If your best friend texts you the latest drama, or bad news, you don't even have to deal with it right now- so it can't possibly ruin your day! And it's kind of nice without your phone constantly buzzing with those group texts...

5). *Consistently shuffling through your bag and checking your pockets*

"Has anyone seen my cell phone? I LOST MY PHONE. Oh wait...I forgot it."

6). Playing scenarios in your head of something horrific happening to you, and now you're definitely going to die because you couldn't even call 911 and no one else called either.

Yup, today's that day.

7). You'll be looking forward to all the things you'll have to catch up on when you get home.

...Only to realize later that you only have one message from your mom telling you to take the dog to the vet.