7 Things Only A Girl Raised By A Single Father Would Understand
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7 Things Only A Girl Raised By A Single Father Would Understand

Single fathers may be rare, but they are a prime example as to why fathers are important for every child to have.

7 Things Only A Girl Raised By A Single Father Would Understand
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Children being raised by a single father are not often heard of or witnessed by many. There are an incredible amount of truly extraordinary single mothers who battle the world head-on to be the best provider imaginable. However, the reality of children, in my case, just a young pre-teenage girl being raised by a single father, is often overlooked. Learning to build and establish family again was not only tough but was more often puzzling. Despite the challenges, it creates a bond between a father and daughter that can't be taught and might I add, some very uniquely hilarious and frustrating memories. So here are 7 things only a girl raised by a single father would understand:

1. Dads have a limited scope of dinner ideas--actually, more like a limited ability to cook anything that doesn't need to just be warmed up.

My dad had about roughly four to five meals he could actually make, and those meals typically got rotated throughout the weeks. Such meals involved the classic spaghetti, frozen meals that can pop right into the oven, like the occasional pizza or frozen Chinese foods, and on special days, he would heat up some beans, ground up some beef and we'd make tacos! Consistency is key, right?

2. Fathers never actually know how expensive it is to raise a daughter until they are forced to take her shopping.

Lets just say my dad's jaw dropped to the floor every time we hit the register. He never quite accepted how expensive women's beauty products are, but we both had to learned to compromise when it came to buying the necessities. I had to give up things I "thought" I needed, and he had to realize that when you wait months to take a girl shopping, the list begins to add up and the pocket book takes a major blow. Eventually getting my dad to take me on a trip to Target became a begging game!

3. Dads can actually give the best advice about boys!

Who knew, right? I mean dads technically are boys themselves! Don't expect a deep conversation about feelings, but dad's can give the practical advice and first hand knowledge of the 101 things girls should know about boys of all ages! Plus, dads can spot the "no good" boys from miles away!

4. Dads are typically more reserved and less sensitive.

Being raised by a single father during my teenage years was tough. I was learning to deal with all new emotions and life experiences. Men are typically less sensitive yet very masculine beings. They enjoy their alone time, and more than likely work long hours. This was exactly my dad, which meant I spent a lot of time alone and I had to cope with the struggles of understanding the emotional rollercoaster of life and the heightened feelings that come along with being a teenager. My dad did the best he could to be more sensitive to my needs, but sadly, dads aren't always successful at capturing the nurturing side of being a mother.

5. Dads will finally admit they love chick flicks!

Lets just say that if my dad hated chick flicks before it was just me and him, he sure did fall in love with them very quickly! My dad was reluctant at first to choose a chick flick over some action-packed war movie, however, soon it was my dad asking me to watch "The Notebook" with him! (But let's keep that little detail between you and me.)

6. Dads are the best soccer moms!

I didn't play soccer, but my dad always showed up to support me at my water polo games and tennis matches. I knew he was pretty miserable because tennis is not the most exciting sport to watch, but he was a trooper and might I add, typically the only parent to even come to the tennis matches, which makes him the real MVP ( Most Valuable Parent).

7. Dads are great providers.

Now this one typically is a given, regardless of having both parents or not. But a father provides differently when they're the sole person responsible for their children. I mean, even to this day, I can get my dad to buy me food, far easier than it is to get him to buy me anything else. But fathers have a need to provide for their children and see that all their needs are taken care of. Many times it's the minimum of things, but single fathers become far more conscious and aware of their children's needs and wants because they are more involved than ever before. And we girls know, when our dads say "No" it really doesn't mean no. They just need one simple word, "Daddy...." a cute smile and even a warm hug, and that always does the trick.

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