7 Things everyone with a desk job can relate to
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7 Things Everyone With A Desk Job Can Relate To

Did we really once live in a world without Microsoft Outlook?

7 Things Everyone With A Desk Job Can Relate To

Your office may as well be another planet. Here are seven things only people with desk jobs can truly relate to.

Microsoft Outlook basically becomes your pulse


Ah, yes - an office worker's home base. Flag emails to answer tomorrow morning, schedule a team meeting for next Tuesday at 4:00, color code your calendar. We didn't have any idea how important it was until we were hired, and now we don't know how we'd live without it!

You become buddies with your fellow cubicle dwellers


When you're stuck in close proximity to someone else in your department, you may as well become friends, right? A few weeks you didn't know each other, and now you know each other's life stories.

Heard someone in the office is buying lunch? You'll be there.


Susan from HR is buying pizza for the office? Again? What did we do to deserve her?

You always keep a blanket or sweatshirt at your desk


It may feel like Hades is throwing a party outside, but inside, Jack Frost is giving him a run for his money. Who seriously insists on turning the thermostat this low? Are they really trying to numb our fingers to the point that we can't type?

The coffee machine is your favorite spot in the office


It keeps us awake, caffeinated and gives us an excuse to stand up and stretch our legs. It's a beautiful thing.

All of the memories of AIM come back with Skype for Business


Remember back in the day when you would wait for hours for your crush to hop online to aim just so you could wonder if they would message you? Those were the good days. Now, you wait for your favorite coworker to hop on and give you all of the department dirt.

You reward yourself every day that you actually make it in at exactly nine and stay exactly until five.


Or eight to four. Or whatever your hours are "supposed" to be. Sitting down for eight hours is exhausting, and time sure can tick by extremely slowly. So, those days where you make it in without sneaking in late or dipping out early, make sure to reward yourself!

It's really a culture like no other.

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