I miss my dog, Shay Lee. I have had a chance to go home since I had arrived on campus in August, and I am really excited to go home this Thanksgiving to see her.

Shay Lee is a mixed breed of Yorkie and a Pomeranian. She is very small, is about 6lbs, and has a lot of energy. She is also very feisty when it comes to her food. I think that most people would not be able to handle her, because she is not really friendly, and sometimes shy of other dogs. Very often, Shay becomes a nuisance because she barks a lot, but I love her all the same.

Once I get home, I would:

  • Give her a big tight hug, even if she scratches me. (Yeah, Shay does not really like hugs). Then I would snuggle with her and watch TV. I think that is our favorite thing to do.
  • I would also take her out for walks, since she likes running a lot. I would also play fetch with her. She likes running after tennis balls instead of sticks.
  • Give Shay a bath (if I have the time). I know she really hates it, but I do not remember the last time I gave her one. On the bright side, it makes her look clean and groomed again.
  • I am also going to play little tricks on her, like pretending to throw her a treat so that she can run in the opposite direction LOL. That has always been hilarious.
  • Shay is like my child, so I am also going to carry her like a baby, and walk around the house for no reason. I think that has really spoiled her so now it is like she needs attention all the time.
  • I would give her the food I cannot really eat anymore (if I am full) or food I am not really fond of. She loves chewing on bones from meat mostly.
  • Lastly, I would give her a bunch of kisses before I go back to school, because I’ll be missing her again. Not sure if she would like that though.

I wonder how she might react when I see her. Maybe she would be more hyper than usual. I don’t know. But dogs are definitely a man’s best friend. Share if you love dogs.