College is very different from high school, which was to be expected, but not in the same ways that I thought. I didn't expect life outside of the Hudson Valley to be so different, especially because I would still be in the same state. But it truly is. I'm surrounded by people who are referring to Dominoes when they pizza is their favorite food and others who ask me what a Washingtonville is. (Okay so that one happens everywhere, but still.) While enjoying life here, I've run into a few things that come as a surprise.

1. WTF is a Wegmans???

Two of my friends from Rochester swear up and down that it will "change my life," but I'm not so sure. I come from Stew Leonard's and Adams Fairacre Farms, both names which grant me confused looks from most people. I have yet to visit a Wegmans so stay tuned to see if my life changes.

2. Not knowing everyone who goes to your school

In my high school, I knew most everyone or at least had seen them before. Here I see new people every day and I don't know most of them. It's refreshing but definitely odd.

3. Having to study

I coasted through high school without having to study and didn't fully realize college would be different until I got here. It is hard but that just makes getting good grades more rewarding.

4. Not having water available at all times

There's an undertone of chlorine in all the water here and most of that comes out with a filtered water bottle, but I miss the luxury of opening a plastic water bottle so incredibly much

5. Having friends over 24/7

So college is like a huge sleepover with schoolwork. I love having my friends around and a plethora of people to study with because the company cuts down on the stress of tests and quizzes.

6. Eating SO much ramen and easy mac

I did NOT know that this was an actual thing. Sure, you hear that college kids eat a lot of ramen, but I thought that it was an exaggeration. Three words on that: It is not.

7. Missing pizza and bagels

Pizza and bagels didn't make up that much of my diet at home and so I couldn't have expected how much I would truly miss them. I definitely took for granted the bagels and pizza that Orange County provided me with.