Don't get me wrong, my rats bring me endless joy and I love them to death! However, as all rat owners know, they can do an equally good job of annoying the hell out of you (especially when you're trying to fall asleep).

1. The water bottle clicking noises.

You lay down after a long day, go to relax or study, and then it starts. The rats are only thirsty when you're not paying attention to them constantly.

2. Late night brawls

Apparently the cage turns into a late night fight club as soon as you lay your head on your pillow.

3. The cage is freshly cleaned? DESTROY!

You spend time and money decking out their cage, only for them to chew it up. But you happily do it all over again, because lets face it, you can't be mad at a face like this.

4. When you find out they chewed up your new shirt or blanket because you left it somewhere near the cage….

5. When they escape their cage only to join you in bed.

I've had rats figure out how to open their locks on the cage. This leads to an interesting way to wake up...

6. This...

And most of all..

7. The looks you get when you tell someone you have rats.

“You have rats?? Rats? You mean a hamster right? Are you sure you're not talking about gerbils??”

“Don’t they carry rabies?”

“Where'd you even get a rat from?”

"Ew. I heard they carry diseases."