7 Struggles Of Finding A Date When You're A Guy's Girl
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7 Struggles Of Finding A Date When You're A Guy's Girl

The guys we do end up with get not only a girlfriend but a partner in crime.

7 Struggles Of Finding A Date When You're A Guy's Girl

Finding love isn’t easy, especially when you’re the better at being one of the guys than dating them. As a girl who’s always felt more comfortable in blue jeans than dresses and wouldn’t know her way around Sephora if her life depended on it, dating guys has never been as easy as being friends with them. Especially, when you’ve watched enough drama filled relationships to give Bravo a few new reality shows. So from the girl who’s main makeup ritual consists of moisturizer, chapstick, and the occasional swish of mascara, and who will shotgun a beer faster than you any day of the week, here’s why finding love is so hard for us so called guy’s girls:

1.Every Internet Article Trolling Us

Thanks for perpetuating every stereotype out there about guy’s girls. You are awesome. From calling our love of sports and beer out for being a ploy to get men’s attention to outright saying we are sleeping with our guy friends, the accusations have made me giggle. I have no clue how to wing my eyeliner, but I don’t knock you for rocking the hell out of that look or whatever beauty trend you think will get you a ring by spring. You do you. All I can say is that while some go to great lengths to attract those of the opposite sex, the beauty of the guy’s girl is that she truly doesn’t care. That is what makes her attractive. Take note ladies and stop the hate.

2. Handyman Skills

My dad, god bless him for putting up with all my “help” as a child, actually succeeded in teaching me a lot about household maintenance. Whether it be in the yard, kitchen, bathroom, or on the boat, I am actually quite useful. In contrast, there are two types of men out there, the useless and the know-it-alls. I cannot stand the useless guy. He wants to “Call someone.” Hello, I called you. You are someone and right now you are looking at me like I am a freaking unicorn asking you to build a skyscraper. I just asked you to hand me a flathead screwdriver. Even worse than useless dude, is the know-it-all. Know-it-all guy refuses to accept that you can be an asset and would rather you sit on the porch drinking tea like the delict flower you are. If he catches you doing a project, he will also tell you everything you’ve done wrong.

3. A Never Ending Appetite

I am the hungriest person you will ever meet. Much like a starving animal caught in a trap, if I am not kept on my feeding schedule, I will attack. I plan my day and pretty much my life around my next meal. You can’t blame me, it’s human instinct. That’s why we built cities near rivers and food sources. While you might catch me ordering a salad, it’s usually the appetizer to some chicken wings, a rare burger, or some other large meal. Sorry if you can't keep up.

4. Heels and Bare Feet

Honestly, we look great either way! Getting all dolled up to go to your office party might mean that we actually put mascara on for a change but lord knows there isn’t a woman on earth that doesn’t love her shoes. Just don’t be surprised if you see us dancing barefoot with your boss at the end of the night. Whoever said beauty is pain was a dirty liar and I only wore those shoe for the group pictures and to get likes on my Insta. Once the cameras stopped flashing, natural instincts kicked in and for most of us guy’s girls that means bare feet and kickin’ it up on the dance floor. On the upside, you will always be with the life of the party!

5. My Hobbies

You love your guy time, like long weekends fishing or hunting, hiking, or spending an afternoon on the boat. Well, that sounds perfect to us too! If you want something to be a guys only outing you might have to let us know, because chances are, our hobbies are your hobbies too. This is the thing that made us so attractive in the first place! It’s also the thing that starts to drive you crazy about six months in. Trust me, I don’t want you suddenly showing up at the salon when I’m getting my mani/pedi. That is dedicated me time. So if you want a weekend away with the guys to fish, we might be bummed we are missing out, but we get the need for alone time.

6. Sports Rivalries

My team rocks! Yours sucks! Don’t try and change me, babe…just embrace my lovable trash talk during the season. I promise to try and keep it clean.

7. You Drink What?

Unless we are on an island somewhere you and a fruity cocktail have no place together! Yes, judging is bad and I am sorry but we are only human! When I’m ordering a beer and you are explaining your cocktail order to the bartender, I will say, “You’re drinking what?!” On the rare occasion that I stray from my beer order, which I am probably drinking out of the bottle, I might get a whiskey and ginger. I understand the urge for the occasional margarita or a rum and coke. All I’m saying is that if I start to see tiny umbrellas, I’m going to ask questions.

While most of this makes us less than the typical girl, the guys we do end up with get not only a girlfriend but a partner in crime. We want to be your best friend, the one who you can kick back with and watch the game or head out into the woods for that early morning hike. If you want to paint your place, we are the girls who will show up brushes in hand ready for a day of hard work! So don’t overlook us just because we don’t look like princesses all the time. So take us as we are, a guy's girl just might be the key to your happy ending.

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