7 Strange Behaviors No One Questions During Finals

7 Strange Behaviors No One Questions During Finals

Life is weird, but college students are weirder.

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While the last few days of the semester are flying by and stress is at its absolute peak, most college kids are beginning to catch the finals week fever. This highly contagious epidemic is a direct effect of the spring semester slump. Everyone is preparing to leave their friends for the summer, finals are as difficult as ever and the hours of sleep students are getting are at an all time low. To say that a campus has been transported into the twilight zone would seem like a bit of an understatement to an outsider, but the local college students take it all in stride without question. Here's a fun list sampling some of the more interesting scenarios you might stumble upon during finals week on a college campus:

1. Food Court Face-Plant

Whether you've witnessed it in the dorm's dining hall or you've been the poor sap with a face full of food, this is likely one of the more common finals faux-pas. Typical responses to the cafeteria cat-nap include large amounts of envy followed by a monotone utterance of the word, "same." For those who aren't lucky enough to have the time to sleep at the lunch table, communication via incomprehensible groaning noises will do.

2. Impromptu Gymnastics Lessons

Some college students will do anything to put off preparing for a final. Why finish those flashcards when you could learn a new skill and probably get injured in the process? Getting a cast put on is a perfect excuse for being late to that 8 a.m. final! At least, that's what we'd like to convince ourselves during our fantasies in which finals do not exist and crisp cartwheels are the epitome of awesomeness.

3. Floor Angels

The floor becomes significantly more comfortable when you're too lazy to brave the ten extra steps to your bed. You never know when you'll walk in on someone spontaneously breaking into a plow pose or rolling across the ground in despair. Bonus points for hyperventilating or screaming into the void.

4. Iron Chef University

Contrary to popular belief, ramen noodles aren't the only thing college students consume. Sometimes we have to get creative, especially when the end of the semester is upon us and some students have run out of meal passes. Who knows what they'll cook up with only leftover condiments and forgotten TV-dinners at their disposal?

5. Running From Responsibilities. Literally.

Sure, there are students out there who actually enjoy recreational running (bless their souls), but for the most part, it takes quite a bit to get some students just to walk to the dining hall during finals week, much less engage in any kind of strenuous physical activity. Once it gets to crunch time, though, someone may just find that one of their peers has turned into Forrest Gump right before their very eyes. Nothing says finals week like chasing after a friend with their voluntarily forgotten assignment in hand.

6. Checking In On Those Neopets You Haven't Fed Since Middle-School

Let's face it, everyone has had their fair share of pre-teen internet obsessions. For some it was Club Penguin, others Webkinz, but even still there are a few brave souls that feel nostalgic enough to dig out the old Neopets accounts. When all other forms of social media have failed you as a viable means of procrastination, just remember: there is a world of mini-games and starving virtual pets named after Twilight characters waiting for your return.

7. Surprise-Attack Crying Sessions

Sometimes there's really just nothing better than a good cry. With all the pent-up stress of the semester riding on one week of tests, ugly sobbing may just be in the near future for the unsuspecting college student. Are there more vocabulary words than you have flashcards? Back away from the table, those index cards aren't waterproof! Pushed on the door that says "pull?" That's okay, you can angry cry it out over the new bruise you just acquired.

Nothing is off limits during finals week.

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