7 Stages Of Being Hungry

7 Stages Of Being Hungry

They'll already know when to throw a pizza at you and there's no shame in that.


I am one of those people who is hungry most of the time (if not, all the time) even after I just ate a full meal.

These are the stages that all hungry people, like me, go through in our daily lives. *Spoiler Alert* I become the worst b*tch I could ever be.

1. It's been like an hour (or more realistically, 10 - 30 minutes) since I last ate and I'm already hungry.

The first thing I would do when I'm hungry is to eat whatever is in sight, but there are those days when the universe likes to see me suffer.

2. When I can't get any food right away because of multiple possible reasons.

AKA when there's nothing in my fridge or I'm out with friends or family and I have to wait for everyone to be hungry so we can all decide to eat already.

3. I don't have much patience in the first place, so waiting to eat is torture.

4. Everything everyone does annoys me...

5. I start being rude to everyone even if they have done nothing bad to me and I start saying my real thoughts. Yes, that shirt is ugly and stop breathing, you're taking all the oxygen.

Usually when I'm with my family they know when I'm hungry because I'll have my resting bitch face on (and I'm normally very nice when I'm not hungry) so at this stage (or phase) they'll probably decide for us to eat right away because they wouldn't want me to go to jail for choking someone to death (obviously, totally possible).

6. And then that moment when I finally get to eat..

7. Then, I eventually apologize to everyone who were victims of the inevitable and explain to them that my previous actions do not define who I really am as a person.

Hopefully, when your friends or family (or even people you've just met) become victims, they'll already know when to throw a pizza at you and there's no shame in that.

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