Adulting is inevitable; however, we all seem to rush it until we get to it. Once we get there we throw our hands up and we're like woo wait a minute I didn't mean it! I totally take it back I'm not ready to be an adult yet look at me. We all go through stages of adulting, we start off super excited for the future and what is to come with becoming an adult. Then were like oh jeez so this is really happening. Then we fall into the stage of this really is not funny anymore. This must be a joke...

1. Woo! I'm an adult exciting!

I can do whatever I please now since I'm an adult! There's no more school unless I chose I want to go back. I get to work every day doing what I love to do. I can move out into my own place and decorate it however I want to.

2. Oh God, I'm an adult now, shit!

So some of us think we are ready to be adults and some of us don't when we are leaving college, even though technically we all are already adults due to being over the age of eighteen. You might have thought you were ready, but once it actually hits you that you are a real adult it can be a little scary.

3. Really this isn't funny anymore.

I just want to be a kid! Please let me be a kid again. I swear this isn't funny anymore. I want to go back to when life was easy and we had no worries. I take it back I don't ever want to be an adult! Quoted from one of my friends, "Can I just go back to elementary school please?".

4. Alright so I'm an adult I can handle this.

Okay, so this is not too bad. I can do this, I can handle this. Not too bad at all working a full-time job five days a week, weekends off, that's definitely a plus. I can go to the gym every day after work I won't be tired, I'll get a burst of energy. Maybe watch some Netflix, go out to eat for lunch or dinner, see some friends. Yea okay.

5. So adulting is harder than it looks.

You mean I won't see my friends that much anymore? As a teenager being an adult looked so cool. They can do whatever they want whenever they want. Ha! Lies. You mean you can work five days a week and if you're lucky you have the weekends completely off. You mean I actually have to pay bills now too??

6. We'll now I'm definitely an adult now.

So this is serious huh? I really am an adult now. There's really no going back? Well damn, this sucks.

7. Woo! Adulting.

I'm waving the white flag. I'm in defeat to adulting. I'm an adult...yay...

P.S. there are definitely perks to adulting. Such as moving out, having a steady job, no more school, getting your own pet, and finally starting your life. So good luck, get out there and make us proud. Be the best adult you can be!