Being in college, and being away from home is always hard. No matter what age you are, it’s still difficult. Most people go from having home cooked meals, to struggling to find something decent to eat in the dining hall. Or if you’re like me, you will go from having your mom being able to find everything that goes missing, to not being able to find a single pair of socks in your dorm room. Sometimes, having to do stuff on your own in college is down right hard. But, it is easier to accomplish when your roommate is basically your second mom.

1. She finds everything that goes missing

This happens to everyone. Your heels go missing that you want to wear that night. You can’t find your hairbrush. Or your favorite pair of jeans just mysteriously vanish. You think that you have looked everywhere for them, and you’ve accepted it that you will have to buy another pair of everything you can’t find. Then, your roommate lifts up one thing off the floor, and everything you’ve been looking for miraculously shows up.

2.She cooks for you

Cooking in college is such a struggle. The ovens don’t work as well as they should, nor does the stove. The fire detector goes off every time you raise the heat to level 3. Cooking is a challenge, but not when your roommate is constantly cooking you chicken and veggies.

3.She gives you advice

Sometimes, it’s hard to get in touch with our mom’s. They’re either busy at work, at the gym, or like mine, enjoying her time being retired. When your mom doesn’t pick up, it’s time to turn to your roommate. When you feel like your life is falling apart, your roommate is there to put the pieces back together.

4.She tell’s you when to stop bitching

Our mom’s may be able to hear our hissy fits over the phone, but they can’t see them. This is when your roommate steps in to bring you back to reality. She’s there to tell you to STFU, and that whatever you’re complaining about isn’t actually the end of the world.

5.She take’s care of you when you’re sick

Whether this might mean hearing you complain all day about your sore throat, or getting you soup to make you feel better.

6. She know’s how to deal with your mental breakdowns

There will come a time during the school year when you break down. You probably won’t shower for a few days and will find yourself drinking an excessive amount of wine. But that’s ok, your roommate will have a glass with you.

7.She loves you

But, no matter what - she will always love you.