7 Signs You Are From Roxbury New Jersey

7 Signs You Are From Roxbury New Jersey

A day in Roxbury might include this

You know that you are from Roxbury, New Jersey if you have been to the following places and/or have experienced the following things.

1. Cliff's Homemade Ice Cream (Est. 1975)

You have definitely visited the famous Cliff's to get delicious homemade hard or soft served treats. You've probably also had at least one skyscraper cone from here because you received a free coupon from another town event. If you have not been here (which I don't know why you haven't) then you've probably driven by several times and have seen the crazy long lines that form even in the winter time!

2. Tom's Diner (Est. 1930)

Although this diner is not currently in operation, chances are you have driven past it hundreds of times on your way to work or school. There is a committee trying to restore this iconic landmark.

3. Imagination Station

You have either played at the wooden version of this park or brought your children to the new one. If you played on the wooden one, you used to crawl in all the small spaces underneath the steps, or read all of the graffiti written on the boards.This playground was a big part of my childhood and I personally prefer the wooden version to the new one.

4. Horseshoe Lake

You have swam in this man-made lake or have taken swim lessons here. You've played in the mucky "sand" and climbed on the dinosaur slide. You've swam out to the floating slides or have come here with summer camps. You went out on the canoes. You walked around the track to the other side of the lake. You answered trivia questions to try to win free ice cream. (I always forgot how many bones there are in the human body!)

5. Bertrand Island

This island once had an amusement park with 20 rides, one being a wooden roller coaster. Unfortunately, it has been replaced by uniform condominiums...oh joy. So if you live here, you've probably seen these large, pretty houses along Lake Hopatcong.

6. Somebody has asked you where you live and then they don't know where Roxbury is

So you explain that it is a township and you live in an area within the township. You probably have been confused yourself. For example, I'm from Landing and that is the city I write on letters, applications, etc, so what is Roxbury? You may have also told people it is next to Randolph and then they know where that is instead. The struggle.

7. You have been stuck in route 10 traffic

There are so many lights along route 10 and 46 that trying to get to work or school and then back home can be a real pain. You've experienced the stop and go or have outsmarted the system and get through all the green lights.

Cover Image Credit: Roxbury NJ Chamber

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8 Reasons Why My Dad Is the Most Important Man In My Life

Forever my number one guy.

Growing up, there's been one consistent man I can always count on, my father. In any aspect of my life, my dad has always been there, showing me unconditional love and respect every day. No matter what, I know that my dad will always be the most important man in my life for many reasons.

1. He has always been there.

Literally. From the day I was born until today, I have never not been able to count on my dad to be there for me, uplift me and be the best dad he can be.

2. He learned to adapt and suffer through girly trends to make me happy.

I'm sure when my dad was younger and pictured his future, he didn't think about the Barbie pretend pageants, dressing up as a princess, perfecting my pigtails and enduring other countless girly events. My dad never turned me down when I wanted to play a game, no matter what and was always willing to help me pick out cute outfits and do my hair before preschool.

3. He sends the cutest texts.

Random text messages since I have gotten my own cell phone have always come my way from my dad. Those randoms "I love you so much" and "I am so proud of you" never fail to make me smile, and I can always count on my dad for an adorable text message when I'm feeling down.

4. He taught me how to be brave.

When I needed to learn how to swim, he threw me in the pool. When I needed to learn how to ride a bike, he went alongside me and made sure I didn't fall too badly. When I needed to learn how to drive, he was there next to me, making sure I didn't crash.

5. He encourages me to best the best I can be.

My dad sees the best in me, no matter how much I fail. He's always there to support me and turn my failures into successes. He can sit on the phone with me for hours, talking future career stuff and listening to me lay out my future plans and goals. He wants the absolute best for me, and no is never an option, he is always willing to do whatever it takes to get me where I need to be.

6. He gets sentimental way too often, but it's cute.

Whether you're sitting down at the kitchen table, reminiscing about your childhood, or that one song comes on that your dad insists you will dance to together on your wedding day, your dad's emotions often come out in the cutest possible way, forever reminding you how loved you are.

7. He supports you, emotionally and financially.

Need to vent about a guy in your life that isn't treating you well? My dad is there. Need some extra cash to help fund spring break? He's there for that, too.

8. He shows me how I should be treated.

Yes, my dad treats me like a princess, and I don't expect every guy I meet to wait on me hand and foot, but I do expect respect, and that's exactly what my dad showed I deserve. From the way he loves, admires, and respects me, he shows me that there are guys out there who will one day come along and treat me like that. My dad always advises me to not put up with less than I deserve and assures me that the right guy will come along one day.

For these reasons and more, my dad will forever be my No. 1 man. I love you!

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To The High School Graduating Seniors

I know you're ready, but be ready.



I am not going to say anything about senioritis because I was ready to get out of there and I'm sure you are too; however, in your last months living at home you should take advantage of the luxuries you will not have in a college dorm. The part of college seen in movies is great, the rest of it is incredibly inconvenient. It is better to come to terms with this While you still have plenty of time to prepare and enjoy yourself.

Perhaps one of the most annoying examples is the shower. Enjoy your hot, barefoot showers now because soon enough you will have no water pressure and a drain clogged with other people's hair. Enjoy touching your feet to the floor in the shower and the bathroom because though it seems weird, it's a small thing taken away from you in college when you have to wear shoes everywhere.

Enjoy your last summer with your friends. After this summer, any free time you take is a sacrifice. For example, if you want to go home for the summer after your freshman year and be with your friends, you have to sacrifice an internship. If you sacrifice an internship, you risk falling behind on your resume, and so on. I'm not saying you can't do that, but it is not an easy choice anymore.

Get organized. If you're like me you probably got good grades in high school by relying on your own mind. You think I can remember what I have to do for tomorrow. In college, it is much more difficult to live by memory. There are classes that only meet once or twice a week and meeting and appointments in between that are impossible to mentally keep straight. If you do not yet have an organizational system that works for you, get one.

I do not mean to sound pessimistic about school. College is great and you will meet a lot of people and make a lot of memories that will stick with you for most of your life. I'm just saying be ready.

-A freshman drowning in work

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