7 Selena Song For The Broken Heart
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7 Selena Song For The Broken Heart

Selena is here to help wipe your tears away

7 Selena Song For The Broken Heart

Love is a hard topic to discuss, that's why we got music to help us with that. If you're going through a heartbreak of some sort and been looking for a song to help express that feeling, here's a list of songs by Selena to help you

1.) Where Did the Feeling Go?

"What happened to the love that used to show?
Where did the feeling go"

2.) Como La Flor

This song is for anyone who had to be the bigger person and wish someone they used to love the best

"Como la flor
Con tanto amor
Me diste tú, se marchito"

3.) No me Queda Mas

You ever been in a situation where you loved someone so much only to be told by them that they never felt that way for you? well this is the song for that

"Y esto que no era amor, lo que hoy niegas
Lo que dices que nunca pasó
Es el más dulce recuerdo de mi vida"

4.) Tu Solo Tu

"Tú, tú sólo tú
Eres causa de todo mi llanto
De mi desencanto
Y desesperación"

5.) Selena - Tus Desprecio

"Y ya no sé qué hacer
Pa' recobrar tu amor
Y que me quieras de nuevo"

6.) Selena - Siempre Hace Frio

"Ya no puedo mas, tu me haces falta
Vuelve conmigo, alma de mi alma, vidita mia"

7.) Selena - Si la quieres

This song is for anyone who been in a situation where they've been in love with there best friend, only to watch them go after someone else

"Si la quieres anda decirle "te amo"
Mereces tener la en tus brazos pa' siempre
Contigo pa' siempre, y yo me quedo auqi"
While romance is weird, do remember that you don't need anyone else to show your worth but yourself. The most important love out there is self-love

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