As we all grow and walk down different paths, we began to separate ourselves from our friends. Not everyone loses old friends, however, our paths differ, leading us to distance from our old relationships. This is completely normal, yet it hurts emotional and makes one feel really weird.So, without further ado, here are 7 reasons why this happens.

1.) Arguments. Arguments are always frustrating to deal with. They do nothing but anger people. One of the most things arguments effect is relationships. They can make or break them daily. Unfortunately, they can permanently damage the relationship and it will not be able to be repaired.

2.) Different interests. Another huge aspect of broken relationships are that people just lose interest in things. Sometimes our interests change unexpectedly and we cannot control that.

3.) Age difference. Personally, I have been effected by this one. Age difference can kind of fit into the same category as different interests. Age is a factor because of the level of maturity a person has. Some people mature faster than others even if they are the same age, however, when ever theirs an age difference things change drastically because there are no restrictions on things to do together.

4.) You have just stopped enjoying their company. This one is probably the most painful one to experience. After all, how do you tell someone you do not enjoy being around them anymore. It hurts to hear it and it hurts to say it. Ultimately, it is something that needs to be discussed.

5.) You don’t live around them anymore. Part of life is that we have to move and go places we did not plan on going to. This puts stress on a friendship. Some friendships make it through this, but over time they do not talk as often.

6.) Marriage. Marriage is a special thing, however, it has been known to break up some friendships. Once someone is married it becomes harder and harder to see them. Especially when they first get married.

7.) Friendships just do not work out sometimes. Sometimes people do not get a good read on a person until six months to a year. They believe the person to be different from who they really are.