7 Reasons Why Cross Country Is Worth It In The End
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7 Reasons Why Cross Country Is Worth It In The End

A reminder on why it's important to hang in there during rough workouts.

7 Reasons Why Cross Country Is Worth It In The End
Heidi Paxson

Throughout the years, it's been hard at times to see the big picture when it comes to running cross country and track and field. Between hot summer practices and freezing cold winter training, it's hard to remember why running for a team is going to be worth it in the end.

After running for four years in high school, I realize how many good things came from going to one cross country practice, going into my freshman year.

1. Cross country is always going to be there for you when it seems like nobody else is.

Through all of the break-ups, fights with friends, and life changes that happen in high school, you can always go for a run to clear your mind.

2. It teaches endurance, strength, and teamwork.

Running for 3.1 miles or more, in any condition except lightening, shows students how to never get up no matter how bad something is aching or hurting.

3. Teammates become life-long friends.

After four years of training together, most team bonds can never be broken. Cross country runners are constantly encouraging, lifting up, and pushing each other on a daily basis.

4. After running for years, you will have what seems like a million pairs of workout shoes.

After running 3 to 12 miles every day, shoes start to feel uncomfortable very quickly. Even though they might be a little muddy, after running for years, one day you will realize that you have what seems like a million pairs of running shoes.

5. Healthy- eating and living is unintentionally learned.

Runners quickly learn that its important to eat healthy all day before practice, the day before meets, and on meet days. Eating healthy becomes a habit even out of season.

6. You find the coolest parks and ultimate frisbee spots.

Whenever a friend wants to go on a walk or run, you can name off every park within a 30-mile radius and you know how long each trail is.

7. The memories will last forever.

After running in high school for four years, you will realize how many amazing friends were made in cross country and track.

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