7 Reasons Why Apartment Hunting Is The Worst

Once you reach a certain point in your life, it is expected that you will move out of your parents' house and live by yourself, presumably with other young people trying to understand the abyss that is adulthood. This sounds pretty awesome, getting your first apartment with your closest friends, absolutely no adult supervision, and finally the freedom you've been reaching for your whole life. However, finding that perfect apartment with the perfect roommates is more stressful than watching the 2016 presidential election. Here are seven number of reasons why apartment hunting is the worst.

1. First, you must assemble the group that you want to spend an entire year with.

However, you have to find people that don't have obnoxiously loud sex constantly, do their dishes, won't drink their rent money away, won't be up until 4 a.m. partying in the living room, and will replace the toilet roll once it's done.

2. Asking people to live with you is super awkward.

"Hey, um, so I was wondering what you're doing next year for housing? Oh, you're living with them? That's cool, yeah I don't really know what I'm doing yet..." It's like inviting yourself over to spend the night but for a year.

3. Finding a place that matches everyone's criteria is almost impossible.

"Hi, I'm looking for a 8 bedroom with parking, utilities, everyone's personal bathroom, fireplaces in every bedroom, and do you have any with pools?" Like... what?

4. You quickly learn that apartments on college campuses are expensive.

While crying over the fact that you're paying more than a mortgage in rent, you start to consider being a landlord because they seem to be doing pretty well.

5. There is mad pressure to get a place before they're all gone.

It seems like once you find the perfect place, it's already been signed on before you get your group to agree on it, so it's time to start all over. Cue crying.

6. You start to wonder if you have to live on the street, or worse, in a dorm again.

What's worse, frostbite or freshmen?

7. Just when you think that you are doomed to drop out of college and live with your parents forever, you find the place.

The stars align and everyone agrees on the price, the rooms, the location, and you sign the lease. Suddenly, a weight is off your shoulders and you realize that responsibility is so overrated.

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