7 Reasons People Watch The Bachelorette
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7 Reasons People Watch The Bachelorette

It's that show you hate to love.

7 Reasons People Watch The Bachelorette

Every Monday night I join my sister at her boyfriend's house where we have dinner with his family, fast forward through a bit of Jeopardy, and then all get quiet to watch the main event-- The Bachelorette.

Now, none of us truly like The Bachelorette, but it's a definite guilty pleasure. We make fun of it, but even so we always come together to watch a painful two-hour episode. So why do we watch The Bachelorette?

1. Eye candy

We all know not to judge a man by his looks, but it's hard to hold back gawking over these men as they get out of the limo. Once we get to know the men, their personalities can ruin a pretty face (looking at your Chad), but regardless, those shirtless scenes are still enough to make someone turn on The Bachelorette.

2. We get attached

As much as some Bachelorette viewers will deny this, we get attached to the contestants and Bachelorette herself. The Bachelorette is typically a previous contestant that viewers fell in love with, and felt her heartache as she got sent home. On top of that, we watch as men make themselves vulnerable (swoon). We become invested in their love lives.

3. Chris Harrison

Some viewers will watch The Bachelorette for the one and only, Chris Harrison. He has been hosting the show since 2003 (and hosting The Bachelor since 2002). As men and women fall in love on the show, viewers fall in love with Chris Harrison.

4. The hopeless romantic in us all

Some viewers will realize that show is constructed in such a way that creates a fake reality for people to fall in love. Many relationships don't last beyond the show because in "real life" these people just don't mesh. However, the little touch of hopeless romantic in each viewer wants it to be real. Who wouldn't want to fall in love while zip lining in Tuscany?

5. The drinking games

How many times will The Bachelorette say, "I hope he is here for the right reasons?" Enough times to get you drunk.

6. To heckle and make fun

The Bachelorette is a show where a woman will date multiple men who will (almost) all claim to be in love with her after just a few weeks. She will say that sending [insert name here] home was the hardest thing she has ever had to do. She kisses everyone and they fall in love in a fake reality. The possibilities of making fun of this show are endless.

7. The clothes

The Bachelorette has a perfectly put together outfit for every date, and an amazing gown for every rose ceremony. Some viewers will watch the dates for style inspiration, and then wait until the end to applaud the evening wear.

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