7 Reasons To Love Day6

7 Reasons To Love Day6

There's no such thing as too much love!

The Members

Not only are they all very cute, they all have amazing voices, amazing personalities and are great musicians. They’re all well rounded sweet people! They’re quite the jokers and each one has their own unique talent. What a great team! From left to right: Jae (vocals, lead guitar), Dowoon (drums), Wonpil (vocals and keyboard), Sungjin (Vocals, guitar, leader), and Young.K (vocals, rapper,bass)

Their Music

Day6 is actually one of the few K-rock bands out in the Korean music world. Actually, they’re one of the few in almost every aspect. The rock genre is not that prominent in mainstream music in Korea, much like the metal genre is not that popular in the United States. Day6 creates almost, if not all, their songs. They sing mostly about love and heartbreak. In 2017, Day6 began a project called Every Day6. For this project they released a single every month including a B side track. Sunrise compiles all the songs they released for the first 6 months of 2017 into one album. My favorite songs so far are Lean on Me, Dance Dance, and It Would Have Been

They Can Speak Different Languages

Young.K is Canadian-Korean and can speak English, French and Korean. How awesome is that? Jae is actually Korean-American and can speak English and Korean. It’s awesome to know that they can communicate with more international fans now!

They Can’t Dance But Try Anyway

When I say “they can’t dance”, I mean that their moves are not exactly the sharpest. Their dance machine, Sungjin, is just one of those dancers that can feel the rhythm but in a really weird way. He tries so hard, and it’s actually endearing to see since everyone around him enjoys it and encourages him.While some team members can’t dance, Young.K has proven that he can! When he was in high school, he and his dance team made up a math graph dance for the Math Olympics and won first place! Still, when it comes to dancing, there is no beating Sungjin! You can check out dance machine Sungjin here: https://youtu.be/akKcpEG3Q24?t=15

Their Vocals!

One advantage that Day6 has is that almost all of them can sing very well. They have very distinct voices that adds different colors to their music. My favorite are Sungjin and Young.K. They have a series of short videos called POCKETLIVE where each member gets to showcase their talent. My favorite member is Sungjin, and the POCKETLIVE video of him singing I Loved You is what really won me over. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/k5NfmPwuUS0

Their Covers are to Die For!

Apart from their music, Day6 is well known for their amazing covers. They take both English and Korean songs to cover and sometimes even add a twist! They took Twice’s Cheer Up, Knock Knock and Signal and covered it in their own unique style. It was awesome! So far, their cover of One Republic’s Stop and Stare is my favorite one. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/Vqjl-XLNAoQ

They love their fans!

As with most artists, Day6 feeds off the energy of their fans. If you ever watch any of their live videos, you can definitely see how excited they get from just being with their fans. It adds energy to the stage. To connect with fans, Day6 constantly holds small concerts and participate in busking. In fact, the picture above was taken after a surprise busking event. Look how many fans came to see them!

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Cover Image Credit: Fame Focus

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