1) They are my best friends

No matter how many times we fight, everything turns out good in the end. After all, we’re family.

2) They make me laugh

From my personal experiences, my older brothers have grown to become funnier over the years. They know my sense of humor and I know theirs.

3) No sugarcoating

They will be brutally honest with me, whether I like it or not.

4) They are there for advice

As my older brothers, they know more than I do and have experienced everything regarding things like school, before me. If I have any questions or whatever else, I know I can ask them.

5) Guy advice

Whenever I need help in this aspect, they are always the go-to (most of the time). It depends.

6) They know my favorite things

Last month, I received a hot sauce challenge, which was the best thing I could’ve ever gotten, and they know I love hot sauce (I put it on most things).

7) They can watch sports with me

This is probably the best part, because I love watching sports.