7 Reasons Why the H&M Fall 2016 Collection Ad Slays In Every Way
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7 Reasons Why the H&M Fall 2016 Collection Ad Slays In Every Way

Get ready to be inspired and embrace your true beauty.

7 Reasons Why the H&M Fall 2016 Collection Ad Slays In Every Way

In a world full of racists, sexists, genocide, terrorism, ignorance, and hate... there is also light. There is kindness, generosity, miracles, feminism, and so. much. love. I came across a video a few days ago while I was watching a makeup tutorial. It was H&M's new ad for their 2016 fall collection and I fell in love with it instantly.

Here's a few reasons the video will SLAY your life:

1. Who says girls can't be improper?

C'mon, girls! You got something in your teeth? Pick it out. Have a wedgie? Pull it out. Have the urge to say fuck? Fucking say it! I think H&M did an amazing job of showing how women really are when they don't feel the pressure of social norms on their shoulders. It also shows that the female youth will be more influenced to be themselves and embrace their quirks.

2. Body positivity from beginning. to. end.

Body positivity is a huge thing lately in advertising and brands such as Aerie, Old Navy, and Dear Kate use it to sell their products. This is a huge step in the right direction for brands because most girls can't find their sizes when they shop and they feel so discouraged by the models that show off the clothing. They don't see themselves in the models, therefore they don't think the product will look as good on themselves. Personally, I see body positive ads as a more efficient way to bring in the big bucks for brands and it helps to raise the self-esteem of girls from the ages of 12 through 25.

3. Conformity is not always key.

Be you. Be different. Be anything you want to. Cajsa Wessberg, featured above, is a beautifully alternative artist who thrives off of her will to embrace true beauty. Doesn't she rock it? Cajsa shows us not to be scared to show who we really are.

4. Women are badass, period.

All around the world, there are women pushing actual humans out of their body and creating life. There are women bleeding, enduring scorching pain through their abdomens and going about their daily lives at the same time. Girls are a package deal of strong, loving, and independent all-in-one.

5. Ain't no girl got time for sexist, anti-feminist views.

You probably get told often that you need to "sit lady-like" or "lower your voice." Also, you're most likely familiar with when you try to explain something and a male co-worker, friend, boyfriend, or spouse will interrupt you to "explain it better." Roll your eyes, tell them why their sexist undertones are disrespectful, and walk away. Stay classy... or don't. ;)

6. Stereotyping just isn't cool, ever.

Don't assume the girl who looks like she weighs 95 pounds doesn't love to stuff her face with french fries and potato chips. The curvy girl who like to wear crop tops skips supper because she wants to be desirable. The girl who wears all black and has gauges likes listening to Old School Hip-Hop and wears neon pink underwear because it's her favorite. Everything might not be as it seems, trust me.

7. Who run the world? Girls.

Ladies, you can do whatever you put your mind to and you can do it in style. Keep an eye out for H&M's new fall collection that will be in stores soon. Create your own personal style. On a final note, girls rock and don't let anyone ever tell you different.

Watch the full video here:

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