7 Reasons I'm Glad My Car Can't Talk

7 Reasons I'm Glad My Car Can't Talk


Not many people, things, or creatures have been there for me like my car. Granted my car has little, well more like no, choice in this matter. Weather it’s a long road trip, quick drive to school or a coffee run here's 7 reasons I'm thankful my car can't talk.

1. Cleanliness

I’m constantly on the go. Between school, homework, a social life, and going to the gym life, just gets crazy sometimes. My car definitely takes the brunt of my crazy life and sometimes it looks like I live in my car (which sometimes I feel like I do). Regardless, on any given day you could see me trying to throw everything that’s in my backseat into my trunk hoping that there is enough space.

2. Tears

I've cried more tears in my car than it seems any other place. There's nothing like an open road to make all your emotions go into full swing. If I have a bad day often times i’ll crank up the music and just take a long ride to clear my head before I go home. Or once and awhile i’ll just be beep bopping along listening to my most new favorite song and BOOM next thing you know you're crying and don't know why but you can't stop. Yeah, you could probably fill my car with all the tears I've cried in it.


It's usually as loud as the stereo will allow it to be. And my song selection can going from Drake to Frozen without any warning. Either way I'm jamming out and when I am alone in my car there’s no need to hold back. My singing voice is full blown at its worst in the car.

4. Traffic

I don't think it's just me (or at least I hope it's not) but driving in my car brings out a different person in me. I curse more and say the worst things while I'm on the road. If you wanna leave your turn signal on for three exits and but never get off? Yeah, you can beat that I have a few choice words for you.

5. Information

When it comes to a gossip hub my friends and I can let loose in the car. Sometimes it’s the only time we’re all together and we know that there’s no one around who could eavesdrop which makes everyone want to spill the latest happenings and everything they know, about everyone.

6. Boys

I couldn’t count on both my hands the number of boys that have made a move on me in a car. I don’t know why but they think it’s okay. Like no one will see us kissing in the school parking lot because we’re in a car. I wish I could say it won’t happen again, but I know it will whether I want it to or not.

7. Changing

I’ll be the first person to admit that I've made multiple quick changes in my car. In an empty parking lot or a place where no one could see anything of course. Like I said, sometimes I live in my car so I keep extra clothes in my car in case of an emergency and change if necessary. It’s been necessary many times.

So whoever says that they wish their car could talk I most certainly am glad that mine cannot. There is way too much that I put my beloved vehicle through that I would most definitely not enjoy listening to complaints about.

Cover Image Credit: Towne Lake Car Wash and Detailing

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