We're coming up on the first week of classes for a lot of folks—and for some, their very first foray into college living—which means it's time for those New Semester Resolutions. For some of us, it's promises to actually make use of the campus gym facilities; for others, it's joining a new club they didn't have time for last semester. The start of a fresh academic year is a great opportunity to shake up your college routine or make a big change, from a new wardrobe to a new study habit.

My big change this semester was cutting my hair.

I've had my hair on basically the entire spectrum of lengths. I've done it all: Cousin It-style locks, shoulder-length and finally, a pixie cut. And I gotta say, pixie cuts are pretty great. So, in honor of my new 'do, here are my top seven reasons why you should cut your hair short right now.

1. Your just-rolled-out-of-bed hair is on point, all the time.

May as well throw away your hairbrush, because you'll never need it again. Short hair looks good no matter how little you take care of it.

2. Bad weather? Pssh.

Wind will now make your hair an artfully-tossed masterpiece instead of a monstrous wreck. Rain? Who cares? Hair dries! This will no longer be you:

3. It's economical.

You use way less product when you have less hair. On a college budget, we gotta save where we can, so stretch your shampoo and hairspray by chopping off all of your hard-to-care-for hair.

4. It takes way less time.

Who has the patience to dry, brush, straighten and style every morning? Nobody! But with short hair, you can get away with a 10-second brushing job and be good to go for the rest of the day. No more this:

5. No more hair in inconvenient places.

Your hair is now too short to fall in your food, get stuck in your collar or tangle up in your zipper. So much less suffering involved with short hair!

6. Your shower drain is finally clean.

With less hair to shed, your shower drain will no longer look like this:

And finally:

7. It looks super cute!

No matter how much work you put into it, you'll look sharp, professional and confident all day, every day.