7 Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair Short Right Now

7 Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair Short Right Now

It will water your crops and clear your pores, among other things.

We're coming up on the first week of classes for a lot of folks—and for some, their very first foray into college living—which means it's time for those New Semester Resolutions. For some of us, it's promises to actually make use of the campus gym facilities; for others, it's joining a new club they didn't have time for last semester. The start of a fresh academic year is a great opportunity to shake up your college routine or make a big change, from a new wardrobe to a new study habit.

My big change this semester was cutting my hair.

I've had my hair on basically the entire spectrum of lengths. I've done it all: Cousin It-style locks, shoulder-length and finally, a pixie cut. And I gotta say, pixie cuts are pretty great. So, in honor of my new 'do, here are my top seven reasons why you should cut your hair short right now.

1. Your just-rolled-out-of-bed hair is on point, all the time.

May as well throw away your hairbrush, because you'll never need it again. Short hair looks good no matter how little you take care of it.

2. Bad weather? Pssh.

Wind will now make your hair an artfully-tossed masterpiece instead of a monstrous wreck. Rain? Who cares? Hair dries! This will no longer be you:

3. It's economical.

You use way less product when you have less hair. On a college budget, we gotta save where we can, so stretch your shampoo and hairspray by chopping off all of your hard-to-care-for hair.

4. It takes way less time.

Who has the patience to dry, brush, straighten and style every morning? Nobody! But with short hair, you can get away with a 10-second brushing job and be good to go for the rest of the day. No more this:

5. No more hair in inconvenient places.

Your hair is now too short to fall in your food, get stuck in your collar or tangle up in your zipper. So much less suffering involved with short hair!

6. Your shower drain is finally clean.

With less hair to shed, your shower drain will no longer look like this:

And finally:

7. It looks super cute!

No matter how much work you put into it, you'll look sharp, professional and confident all day, every day.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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The End Of The Semester As Told By Todd Chrisley

Because we're all a little dramatic like Todd sometimes.

The last 3-4 weeks of every college student’s semester are always crazy hectic. We have last minute assignments, group projects, and exams all squeezed into the last few weeks before break.

Sometimes we all need a little humor, and sometimes we are all a little dramatic, so why not experience the last few weeks of the semester as told by the king of drama himself, Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best.

1. Sitting in class listening to your professor explain upcoming assignments/exams.

2. When your group project members refuse to do anything until the night before it's due or just show up the day of to present.

3. When you and your roommate try to cook with whatever few ingredients you have left in stock.

Because we definitely want to avoid going to the grocery store at the end of the semester if we can.

4. When your parents get tired of you calling them about every little inconvenience in your life.

5. Sitting down to work on assignments.

6. Your thoughts when the professor is telling you what they want from you out of an assignment.

7. When you've had about 30 mental breakdowns in 2 days.

8. Trying to search out the class for the right group members.

9. The last few days of classes where everyone and everything is getting on your nerves.

10. When your friend suggests going out but you're just done with the world.

11. This. On the daily.

12. When all you want to do is snuggle up and watch Christmas movies.

13. Studying and realizing you know nothing.

14. When your finals are over and it's finally time to go home for break.

You're finally back to your old self.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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Poetry On Odyssey: Hustle and Bustle This Holiday Season

"...Have conversation, turn off the cable..."


It's Holiday season,

Time to be freezin'.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it,

Don't stop now, you can't quit.

Numerous trips to grocery stores,

Pure mayhem when you walk through those doors.

Shelves bare,

You're ready to pull out your hair.

Long check-out lines,

Or delayed airlines.

Prepare and cook the turkey low and slow,

Wait for that golden brown skin to glow.

Place the gravy and cranberry sauce on the table,

Have conversation, turn off the cable.

Before you know it, Christmas is here,

The classic songs are music to our ears.

Yet we all dread the trips to the mall,

To find the perfect gifts, big or small.

The Christmas Tree Lighting floods TV stations,

With singers from all generations,

The scent of candy canes fill the air,

We wish the day runs smoothly, Lord, hear our prayer.

Lots of wrappers and bows cover the floor,

As we obsess over our presents more and more.

New Year's creeps up on us,

Throwing a party is always a plus.

Streamers, noisemakers, food,

Who knew planning the perfect party was of this magnitude.

The line at the liquor store gets longer and longer,

Because of the stress in picking a champagne or sparkling cider.

Deciding to prepare finger foods or a five-course meal,

Why not get take-out? DEAL!

Clock counts down from ten.

As the clock strikes one, we've made it to another year, AMEN!

Glasses clinking,

People drinking,

"Happy New Year,"

We cheer.

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