7 Rankings of Riverdale Dads
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7 Rankings of Riverdale Dads

Here are the rankings for Riverdale's finest.

7 Rankings of Riverdale Dads
The CW

If you know anything about Riverdale, it is pretty evident that at least one of every main character's parents is messed up. Usually it's their dad. If you are not familiar with the show, then go binge watch the first ten episodes and come back because I'll be waiting. Anyway, for all us cool kids who are caught up, here are the rankings of Riverdale's finest.

1. Hal Cooper

Forcing your daughter to get an abortion and then shipping her off when she doesn't comply. Oh yeah, and firing your wife from the family business when she throws your a** out. Yeah, you kinda suck.

2. Hiram Lodge

Threatening your daughter to testify for you, even though your guilty for stealing money from hundreds of people, not good. I actually find it impressive that he's gotten the whole fandom against him even though he hasn't made a physical appearance.

3. Clifford Blossom

Your just really shady with all those wigs. Also you silently watch as your wife verbally abuses your daughter. I feel like he has something to do with Jason's murder so a 3 is pretty generous.

4. Miles McCoy

I hate how Miles treats his daughter. He constantly belittles his daughter's music style and leaves in the middle of his performance. Who does that? But he's not a murderer so he gets a 4.

5. FP Jones

I actually really like FP. He sticks up for his son, does what's best for him even saving his relationship with Betty Cooper. But he doesn't seem like getting over his alcohol addiction and he might be a murderer. But there's a lot more to him, so he gets a 5.

6. Sheriff Keller

Your pretty chill but a little dumb. I mean three teenagers have gotten further at solving the murder then you are. Overall he hasn't done anything wrong so he deserves a 6/7.

7.Fred Andrews

You are by far the best dad. You support your son's dream, stay through his whole performance, and have an actual moral compass. 7/7.

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