7 Phrases You Should Start Saying

7 Phrases You Should Start Saying

You'll never be at a loss of words again

1. You like it, I love it

This is one is my go to whenever I’m trying to be supportive of something don’t agree with. This is a good one whenever your friend is dating that weird guy you really don’t care for but you still want her to know you have her back. It’s a great way to show that you love and support whoever it is your saying this to no matter what bad decision they’re making.

2. Who do you think I am? Boo Boo the Fool?

I am just now recently using this one and I love it. My dad used this a lot when I was younger when I was younger when I thought I was being sneaky, and actually wasn’t. This is the phrase to allow the person you’re saying it to know that you can see through the BS. It’s great comeback to when someone is trying to lie to you and you know they’re lying. It in a way lightens the mood, but also lets them know that you aren’t stupid.

3. That’s between you and Jesus

Has your friend ever done something wrong, and then tells you about it? Then you hear this awful thing and you want to tell her she’s wrong but don’t know how to say it without being rude? This is what you say. It gives off how you feel about the situation without even having to say what you feel.

4. There are bigger things

I love this saying because sometimes I think that people forget how fortunate they are to be in the position they are in. This is something I say to myself a lot, because we get so caught up in our own lives and forget that there are worse things to be upset about. One time I almost had a meltdown because I couldn’t find a shirt I was looking for. Then I told myself, “there are bigger things” and realized that not being able to find a specific article of clothing among my infinite amount of clothing wasn’t worth getting worked up over. Which brings me to number 5

5. People are dying

I actually stole this from Kourtney Kardashian that time when Kim lost her earrings in the ocean and Kourt had to humble her sister and say, “Kim, there’s people that are dying”. When I first saw this, I could not stop laughing because Kim and her ugly crying face, and then Kourt throws her infamous shade and it’s pure gold. Anyway, it is so true. Sure her earrings were more than my entire net worth, but it was an earring. She was on a family vacation which was momentarily ruined over something materialistic. This saying isn’t just to throw shade on someone having a ridiculous meltdown, but it’s to remind ourselves that people are dying and we have to enjoy life as much as we can. We can’t sweat the small stuff.

6. Do you want me to tell you what you want to hear or do you want the truth?

I am a very honest person. Sometimes I am too honest, and my friends have learned that so much. Knowing that, they always love to ask for my opinion. Some of my friends can handle the truth and some of them can’t, so whenever they ask for my opinion, I give them a chance to pick if they want me to say what they want to hear or if they want to hear what I really think. Giving them this choice lets them know that my opinion isn’t all that nice, and allows them time to prepare if they choose my opinion. It’s definitely good to ask because sometimes people just need to hear what they want to hear to put them in a good place. Plus, if they know that your opinion is opposite of what they want to hear, that may be enough for them without having to give anymore detail.

7. I’m sorry

A lot of people think that apologizing is a form of weakness but I disagree. I think it takes a very strong person to recognize their mistakes, and want to fix any damages their mistakes have caused. In order to be right, sometimes we have to be wrong. Making mistakes is all apart of life, but being able to acknowledge and take responsibility for them… makes a person bigger than life.

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My Interview With Paul Brenner Plus All Things Joywave

A concert review of the band's Thanks. Thanks For Coming Tour

With a new album fresh in the industry, Joywave has been touring non-stop! The band added a second leg on their tour where I had the chance to interview them and review their Thanks. Thanks For Coming Tour!

I was able to have a great conversation with Joywave's drummer, Paul Brenner about their new album and rising success! Their new album, Content was released on July 28, 2017! Brenner talked about how their new album allowed Joywave to tour with bands like Cold War Kids and Young The Giant. He added that both tours were a blast and it was awesome being around great people who produce great music! Joywave was able to play at many venues they had never been to during these tours including Red Rocks.

Content has not only brought the band more radio and touring success, but it allowed the band to complete one of their bucket list goals according to Brenner. Content's success not only caught the media and music lover's attention, but it caught Stephen Colbert's! The band was able to perform their song Doubt. Brenner seemed very excited when asked about the show and he talked about how surreal it was for him and the band to experience. He stated, "It was surreal! I just watch it again this morning when I woke up."

When asked more about the album process, Brenner stated that he believed the biggest difference in the process of the first and second album was mainly the location. Content was recorded in a barn outside of Rochester. One of the biggest differences for the band was their first album was mainly a collection of demos they had created. In some of these laptop demos, the drums were recorded in 2013 and patchworked into the album. Sometimes recording was tough as they had to record Content's drums at 4 or 5 in the morning because the mics could pick up traffic noise.

When asked who inspired the band, Brenner, and keyboardist, Benjamin Bailey responded, "Any artist that isn't afraid to just do what they want to do." Brenner added, "The Kanye West's of the word."

When asked about future albums Brenner stated that the doors are wide open for anyone wanting to work with them, but the singer, Daniel Armbruster would say Kendrick Lamar according to the drummer.

Finally, when asked how the band prepares for a tour and how their first half of the tour went, Brenner went on to say that the first tour went very well and the band is very humbled by the number of sold-out shows on both tours!

After the interview, I was able to get a great spot for the show! The band had two opening acts, KOPPS and Sasha Sloan. Joywave definitely stole the show with their unique decorations and electric stage performance. The venue was packed and definitely had a mixed age group which was awesome. The crowd jumped, danced, and sang along to every song.

Joywave played a mix of new and old songs and even let former bandmates come on stage who are now in KOPPS. Joywave came out playing Content, their self-titled track, immediately capturing the audience's attention. The drums on this track are violent, abrupt, and very cool! Doubt, Somebody New, and Destruction definitely all had the same vibe to them and the audience loved it!

Songs like Shutdown, Now, and Golden State were definitely another three of the best songs live. The audience seemed to love the energy the band had and Daniel Armbruster's vocals were impeccable! The band definitely supported the outstanding vocals as the drums, keyboards, guitar, and bass were great.

As I have seen the band twice, once in 2014, I will say they have definetley come so far as a band. The members are all very talented and both of their albums have done very well! I would definetley reccomened seeing the band as they are very humble and have an amazing stage presence.

Cover Image Credit: Lauren Hernandez

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OMG, Turns Out Kylie Jenner WAS Pregnant, Now Let's Stop Talking About It

Congratulate her (or don't) and move on.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 9 months, you'll know that all of your social media has been flooding with stories about Kylie Jenner.

Early on in her suspected (now confirmed) pregnancy, a lot of news had leaked, but nobody wanted to believe it until someone from the Kardashian/Jenner clan confirmed it. The news was first confirmed by "sources" and there were all kinds of hints that a lot of people eventually caught onto, but everyone was waiting to hear from the lip kit queen herself.

On February 4th, Kylie took her social media to post a note explaining why she wanted to keep her pregnancy private and stress-free and announced that she gave birth to a girl, later to be known as Stormi Webster.

Now, don't read into this and think that this comment is coming from jealousy, but can we move on from Kylie Jenner's pregnancy? Though she is famous, people get pregnant and have children all the time, so why do we need to keep posting stories about her hiding her pregnancy and delivery? It's over and done with at this point. She got pregnant, hid it from the world for what seemed to be a good reason, delivered in secret, then explained herself. Why do we need to continue talking about it?

I won't be like many others and talk about how much of a role model she isn't being because that isn't my place to do so, but it's time to move on and let Kylie and Travis enjoy their time as being parents.

Congrats to Kylie, but it's time for every news outlet to stop writing about every time she or Stormi takes a breath.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

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