"A typical drama series" is what one may describe CBS' "The Good Wife." From 2009 to 2016, this show has endured seven suspenseful seasons that have made audiences fall in love with Alicia Florrick and her endless calls and texts. Even as a student with no expertise in law, I was captivated by each and every court room dilemma and scandal that had taken place. Sadly, all good things must come to an end as the show released its series finale in 2016, which much disappointment to the fans, and to those who are new to this show, find out why with these OMG moments that will leave you awestruck, shocked or simply obsessed.

1. When Alicia marches to Peter Florrick's office to announce their divorce

A elegant and defiant female lead in "The Good Wife," Alicia Florrick captures audiences across networks with her sass and jaw-dropping one liners, but this scene was by far the most hair raising and fist pumping scene leaving the fans wild. Beautifully choreographed and directed, the season included case upon case with specks of touching relationships, including those with Lucca Quinn, Jason Crouse, Eli Gold and even Peter Florrick himself.

2. When Peter wins the County but ends up losing the election in last place

After a round of hilarious encounters during Peter Florrick's campaign, Ruth Eastman's strategy seems to be complete bogus, complete with a singing Confederate. During the Iowa vote, Peter's team manages to scrap together adequate votes to qualify for the race to presidency, winning him Polk County; however, the celebration starts early, and Peter ends up losing dead last. Who would have known? Is it Peter for the win or Eli Gold for the victory?

3. When Kurt McVeigh is used against Diane Lockhart

The twist of the ages. As Diane and Kurt just start their onscreen relationship, life seems great, but as Kurt is dragged into the case regarding the bullets during Peter Florrick's case, life takes a turn for both of them, and the last thing one would expect for Kurt to do is to testify as a witness in front of the jury again. The audience then hold its breath as the case progresses, and just when things seem to lighten up, Alicia throws Diane under the bus and uses Kurt against his own wife. Perhaps this deserved the slap of the season?

4. When Alicia breaks down but Lucca is there to save the day

The most gut-wrenching and emotional scene of the season left many in tears. Raw, genuine emotion portrayed by Alicia provided a quick reality with many of "The Good Wife" fans. The script, so beautifully written and the scene, so emotionally charged made the episode a major hit. Then, once everything had settled, Lucca's sympathetic words of encouragement and concern brought yet again another round of tears. An ideal example of friendship goals.

5. When Jason and Alicia become a "thing"

The one touch of happiness within this season-the warming relationship of Jason Crouse and Alicia Florrick. The numerous scenes between these two became one of secrecy, then openness but finally nothing. The chemistry and emotion between the two actors portrayed a beautiful effect of human relation, one that makes the difference between happiness and sadness. As many of the the scenes were magically displayed, especially the one in the office building with the glorious nighttime view of the city, their relationship signified a great turning point for the show but also foreshadowed something even more emotional to come.

6. When Jason just disappears without a trace

The heartbreak of the century. This scene grants kudos to the producers for messing with the audiences' heartstrings. The one who made Alicia the happiest was gone, without a trace. As Alicia makes the horrid mistake for making Jason wait until Peter's trial ended was perhaps sending the message: seize the moment while still possible. One breakup after another, with Will and then a divorce with Peter, Alicia would be expected to find happiness at the end of the series, but the sudden realization that hits when Jason was not found at the firm was like a slap to the face with a ton of bricks. How pleasant...

7. When Alicia is slapped by Diane

Even in the midst of a crisis as Jason Crouse seems that have vanished in to thin air, the producers must have given us a satisfying ending to Alicia's story, right? Wrong! Instead of receiving a reassuring hug from her love, Alicia ends her story with a slap in the face by Diane, which left "The Good Wife" fans stunned and utterly disappointed with the series finale. After all that Alicia had suffered through, we would expect for a happy after all, but perhaps some things are too good to be true....

...and a final New Year's present to say farewell to 2017, this scene: